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There are more options than just local, in-person dispensaries, though. You can buy your weed online these days, too. There are some legalities to work around, but even people in states with anti-weed laws can have a new strain of THC called delta 8 THC shipped right to their door.

It’s important to note that delta 8 THC is technically legal on the federal level. The 2018 Farm Bill says all hemp products containing less than 0.3% THC are legal to buy, use, and sell. Delta 8 THC products are legal as long as they meet these criteria.

Online Marijuana Dispensaries: What Are Your Options?

When you want to buy legal products from local a dispensary, but your state follows the federal ban on weed, you should consider looking into delta 8 THC.

They are the best place to find different types of delta 8 THC edibles. It carries what most online stores do as well as prerolls, candy, shots, and more.

The convenience of buying delta 8 THC online is also something to consider. Shipping it is legal in most states, including states that have not yet legalized THC products.

Delta 8 THC burst onto the cannabis scene seemingly out of nowhere, but it answers the need for a federally legal alternative to THC.

As marijuana legalization has spread throughout the U.S., obtaining weed has never felt more normal.

If you live in a state that only allows weed for medicinal use, you need to obtain a medical marijuana card. That can be easier said than done, even for people who aren’t trying to cheat the system.

Buying Weed Online – What You Need to Know

This post will bring you some clarity on the best ways to purchase legal weed online, why you should never choose the black market, and introduce you to a viable (and still legitimate) alternative for those who don’t have the legal marijuana option.

Delta 8 THC is an isomer of THC, meaning the two have the same chemical formula but a different atomic structure. Both isomers share the same chemical double bond, but delta 8 THC has it on the 8th carbon chain, whereas THC, or delta 9 THC, has it on the 9th.

No. Some states have placed bans or restrictions on its use. Laws can change quickly, so make sure you stay up-to-date.

Delta 8 THC is an excellent option for those who enjoy THC’s psychoactive effects but would still like to remain functional and clear-headed. Anecdotal evidence suggests delta 8 THC produces mild euphoria, focus, creativity, energy, and a mental buzz.

Giving donations to charity is one quick way to our hearts and a good way to make our top 15 list of companies to buy weed from online. However, monetary donations aren’t the only way to give back to what’s important.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, weed has been getting stronger over time. Growing techniques and harvesting methods have made it possible to increase the number of cannabinoids in the plants. For NIDA, this is a problem that they say may “increase the negative effects of using marijuana.” For us, we don’t see the increase as a problem if consumers are informed about what’s going on.

Our Top 15 Companies to Legally Buy Weed From Online

Weed is not always weed. As we’ve discussed, some growers do much better than others. Moreover, there’s also the processing and manufacturing that goes into many weed products. Sometimes, products end up on the market that are more than just weed and not always healthy.

We’re looking for the tastiest weed products that we can find online. While we can appreciate the all-natural flavor of some hemp-derived products, such as tinctures, we also want to experience terpenes like never before. In our top 15 list of best companies to buy weed from online, you’re sure to find drool-worthy cannabis products.

Sometimes we treat our online weed purchases like they are our babies. That’s why we want to know exactly what they’re fed and how they grow each day. With Arete’s products, we know exactly what we’re getting