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No hidden fees or strings attached. Simply clear pricing and easy to use software. The most powerful Seed-To-Sale software is now the most affordable!

Print and scan QR codes to easily track things like product stages, transfers, weights, and just about anything else you can dream up using our Trackable system. Your view into your business will never be the same.


Our powerful and flexible platform supports the creation of unlimited Products, Locations to put them, Batches for tracking them, Samples for reporting them, and Collections for editing them.

We weren't going to pay some out-of-state company a fortune, so we developed our own system. Now, we're grinding as hard as we can to bring it to everyone in Oklahoma for far less than anyone else. We don't want to be taken advantage of by software developers trying to make a quick buck off our industry, and we'd like to give every Okie out here that same chance."

We believe no business should go under because they can't pay artificially-inflated fees. And now, you don't have to.
Big or small, WeedTech.Ai has your back.

BioTrackTHC has an inventory module specifically catered to the industry, allowing you to categorize your product as needed and assign the units desired.

Metrc is utilized by 11 states for their marijuana compliance tracking. Other software solutions such as BioTrackTHC, MJ Freeway (and their sister product Leaf Data Systems), and King Agrisoft have jumped into the picture as well. Businesses who use the same software as their state’s enforcement division can be assured that their business can be covered by any audits that may be conducted by their state’s enforcement division.

Key Features

Large enterprises: Larger operations will handle vertical operations and manage a true seed to sale process from cannabis cultivation, to processing, to distribution, and to sale. As such, they’ll require the use of a cannabis ERP solution that can provide them with the full suite of supply chain management, manufacturing management, and accounting.

Vertical Integration. This level of involvement occurs when the supply chain of a company is owned by that company. In the cannabis industry, the combination of complex regulatory issues prompts cannabis businesses to establish vertical value chains. This means cultivators may also look into opening up dispensaries or adult-use venues, so their product can go from farm, to cultivation, to processing, and to sale.

There’s a real potential for higher taxes. Given marijuana’s illegal status under federal law, the IRS says that no deduction or credit will be allowed for businesses who incur expenses in relation to trafficking in controlled substances prohibited by federal law. The normal tax breaks and incentives businesses receive will be disallowed, which means most cannabis-related business will pay more taxes then if they had been able to deduct the expenses they incurred in the normal course of business.

Flourish is another modern cloud based solution with a user friendly interface. They provide services for a number of SMB and enterprise customers along the entire supply chain.

Founded in 2017, Flourish is among the second wave of more modern solutions developed for the industry. They also have followed the trajectory of building for vertical operations from the onset while also servicing SMB companies which cause a number of conflicts during product development. Overall they are a good company that we’ve heard better things about their reputation than many in the industry.

Founded in 2019, Canix works with both boutique producers as well as large enterprises across multiple states. The differentiating factor for Canix is the ease of use and employment of new age customizable technology. Unlike most providers in the industry using legacy software solutions, Canix is built on a cutting-edge tech stack that allows quick modifications on a regular basis. With Canix it takes days or weeks to complete system change-orders vs. months or years to get a simple request completed in other systems.


BioTrack was founded in 2010 and is one of the world's largest seed to sale systems operating in 7 countries. They were among the first software providers in the industry and have developed their system with both operators and state governments into a platform for compliance and reporting.

Viridian Sciences, a recent subsidiary of Akerna, is the other large ERP powered seed to sale solution. Powered by SAP Business One, Viridian Sciences also offers a full ERP solution re-purposed for the cannabis industry attached with a simple Metrc Integration.

When evaluating the top seed to sale companies, you will want to consider the following criteria:

BioTrackTHC, a subsidiary of Helix TCS, Inc., is an all-in-one cannabis tracking solution for both seed-to-sale and track-and-trace. The software has features for cultivators, distributors, and a point of sale solution for retailers to track the entire supply chain.