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weed seeds in karachi

Questers from Shifa International Hospital and Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University recently issued a paper in the Pakistan Journal of Neurological Science , featuring the benefits of cannabis-derived products for medical objectives.

Possession of weed seeds may draw unwanted attention from lawsuits, so we recommend you to order and store them as discreetly as possible.

Pakistan Origin Cannabis Strains

Many religious societies in Pakistan use marijuana, such as the Sufis and the Hindus, who puff it to obtain spiritual enlightenment.

The Control of Narcotic Substances Act declares that “No one shall cultivate any cannabis plant.” Violating this order means the authority can order “imprisonment, which may extend to seven years, or with a fine, or with both.”

Jamrud, which is a small village by the Khyber Pass, has approximately 250 currently-operational cannabis stores.

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Pakistan Valley is a hardy, robust plant which has good resistance to drought and medium resistance to both pests and mould. It is quite compact but it does grow many side-branches. It grows successfully indoors as well as outdoors; indoor flowering times are fast at 45 – 55 days, outdoors it will be ready for the chop in early October north of the equator. It has a powerful aroma of incense (sandalwood) during flowering and some measures may be required to nullify this. Growing guidelines suggest that this plant is not given more than 3 weeks in vegetative growth before initiating the flowering phase.

Indoors this strain will produce about 400 gr/m 2 or between 500 – 600 gr/plant when cultivated outdoors. THC production has been measured at 21.2% and elevated amounts of CBD are produced although we don not have the figure for this therapeutically useful cannabinoid. The effect is very powerful, long-lasting and narcotic. Therapeutic recommendations are for pain relief, sleeping problems and stress.

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By doing so, you’ll always know what to expect while growing marijuana indoors or outdoors.

The White Widow seed strain is excellent for beginners and professionals alike, and with a fast flowering time — you’ll enjoy a huge harvest in no time. Furthermore, the White Widow seed strain pumps out layers of resin, which is perfect for hand-rolling charas!

Buy Cannabis Seeds From a Reputable Online or Local Seed Bank in Pakistan

Pakistan offers one of the best climates to grow cannabis in the world.

Cannabis plantation in the Tirah Valley

The Purple Kush Feminized seed strain comes full circle for cannabis cultivators in Pakistan.