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Hi all, i hope this question isnt against the rules to ask but my ma recently got diagnosed with glaucoma and she is in her first stages. we don't believe in smoking but for her treatment im thinking of using leaves and such as tea or other ways of medicating her illness

anyway my question is, is it legal to buy cannabis seeds from these seed banks? it just seems to inconspicuous to me and i dont know if ill be doing the right thing if i do order some. some websites claim its legal to order because some states allow the production of oils and such but you can never be too careful

Stability, Homogeneity and, Seed quality

Southern Star Seeds. 100 percent germination rate so far. High degree of homogeneity. Good stability. (However, no feminised seeds means you have to buy redundancy)

Series of articles coming up in the next week. 🙂 Hope you all enjoy them! They all mainly stem from questions that get asked here often!

Has anyone ran a whole pack of anything from any of the Aussie seedbanks that can comment on their:

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My experience. Note: By stability I assume you mean vigor.

Caveman Seeds. 93.75 percent germination rate so far. (The seed that didn’t germinate was in a pre-packed breeder container, so possibly no fault of the local provider) High degree of homogeneity among strains. Good stability.

DC seeds is Aussie based and always been awesome to me.

Aussie baked beans is another but they're temporarily shut until April at this point.

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Neptune Seed Bank is a fantastic bank with the industries’ top breeders that ships fast, and promo code ChrisWeed will save you 10% off your order.

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DC regularly restocks so if they don't have what you're after just trying lurking for a few days and it may end up back in stock