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Alcoholism usually causes deficiencies in vitamin B6, thiamine and folic acid. Individuals with alcoholism also often have an imbalance of fluids, electrolytes and protein. All of this can lead to a damaged liver and pancreas, as well as high blood pressure and seizures. Taking a good multivitamin can help to replace some of the deficient nutrients that commonly occur with alcoholism.

Someone in recovery from an alcohol use disorder will need a well-rounded diet to combat the often severe malnutrition. Women who have been heavy drinkers for a while will often benefit from calcium supplements because they may be at a higher risk for osteoporosis.

Opioid Addiction Foods

Stimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamine give a high that reduces appetite and the need for sleep. Because of this, your body will likely need lots of liquids to combat dehydration and may need increased calories to replace the energy that is lost with stimulants. Staying up for extended periods can cause several problems for your health and heavy stimulant abuse can cause permanent memory damage.

If you’re used to having dessert you can make some healthier indulgences. Try blending some frozen bananas, milk, and nut butter into “nice cream.” Top it with some cacao nibs or small pieces of dark chocolate.

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Avoiding caffeine and alcohol as part of the dietary plan supports skin circulation, hydration and youthful vigour.

By combining the finest quality, organic ingredients and our extensive knowledge in the wellbeing industry we have been able to create a detox that works effectively and harmoniously with your body.

Drinking lots of water and regularly exercising are your powerful techniques to prevent a significant build-up of toxins. However in leading the life you love and enjoying the foods you adore, it is important to regularly detoxify your body with a proper 14 day cleanse.


In addition to our carefully formulated detox cleanse supplements, our 14 day detox cleanse pack also includes include a food plan, meal planner and detoxifying recipes to further your results. Your results are what motivate us. That’s why we provide free naturopathic support to all of our detox cleanse customers as well as your very own free shaker for meal preparation and storage.

Support healthy digestion and experience a flatter tummy.

Your gut is the seat of health and vitality. When weak, energy is low. Support healthy digestive function and energy levels.

With that in mind, our formulas are designed to optimise that process and make sure that you get the best results possible.

Many herbs can help you with this final stage of detoxification: green tea, uva-ursi, dandelion root, slippery elm and gotu kola to name a few. These can be ingested as teas or powders added to smoothies and protein shakes.

Stage 1 – Weed
In order for our body to flourish and thrive, we need to ‘weed out’ pathogenic microorganisms and improve the immune system. Antimicrobial herbs, clean eating and keeping your pH levels within a healthy range will ensure these nasty critters are eliminated from your body.

A proper detoxification program needs to be thorough and holistic and will take at least six weeks to complete. Throughout a detox, it is important to keep your diet as clean, wholesome and healthy as possible.

Eliminate caffeine, smoking, alcohol and sugary, fatty foods to ensure proper detoxification. Drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, make yourself some homemade vegetable juices and treat yourself to regular massages to help the process along. Each stage of the detox typically lasts two weeks, ensuring a thorough cleanse.

Stage 3 – Feed
The final stage is all about nourishing and restoring the eliminatory organs and involves foods and herbs that have supportive and nourishing effects.

Stage 2 – Seed
This involves renewing the gut with beneficial bacteria and healing the lining of the intestinal wall. Not all probiotics are the same. They differ between species and strain. A naturopath will be able to help you determine which probiotic is most suitable for you.

Through the entire detox it is best to follow a clean, healthy diet. There is plenty of information available on clean eating on the internet and your local naturopath can give you the guidance and support you need as well.