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weed plant time lapse from seed

This is assuming the grower is using a germination technique that doesn’t involve direct planting, otherwise, they simply need to wait for the plant to sprout to begin the seedling phase.

After those initial leaves develop the plants begin to enter a stage of explosive growth. This is the vegetative stage. A healthy vegetative stage is the period of growth most associated with great yields, as the size of the plant can make a huge difference at the end of it all.

1-week-old plant

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

This is the final stage of cannabis growth. All the previous work keeping the plant healthy and structurally sound pays dividends here as the plants begin to produce their buds. All males need to be removed at this point, otherwise, fertilization will occur and the females will lose a fair amount of yield and quality.

Featured Image Credit: 101GrowLights

The cotyledon leaves unfurl and start gaining height above the soil. You can see the first “true” (wrinkled) set of marijuana leaves nestled in between the cotyledons at first, and as time goes on these spread out to catch as much light as possible.

This time-lapse video spans 2 weeks, a frame was taken every 6 minutes. 30 fps.

New Life – The birth of a marijuana plant from seed


You just saw these plants fill up the ScrOG net in the last video. Now watch as the colas from these scrogged plants fatten up throughout the flowering stage until harvest time.

Watch as these young plants are trained to fill up a ScrOG net. ScrOG stands for “Screen Of Green” and refers to using a “screen” (usually made of string) to force plants to grow into a flat canopy.

They can easily grow to four times this height or more, completely growing over the height of a house. The trunk can get ridiculously thick, like a foot in diameter.

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Its a grower and a shower

Just needs to be grown outdoors in the ground & in a hot climate for that to be the case.

In hawaii my friends grew on remote islands. Once they were 6ft tall they would bend them over with a row stake and let them grow another 6 plus feet. This was to keep a lower profile from the eye is the sky. But if you had let it go straight up it would have been almost 20 feet. There is a Canadian Dr who grows literal trees indoor. I don't recall his name but the base is like an actual tree. It's pretty amazing.