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As you can read in our blog on the various life stages of cannabis, you can draw a basic distinction between three stages in the life of a cannabis plant: germination, vegetation (growth), and flowering. Each of these stages is directed by light, whether indoors or outside. In nature, a freshly germinated seedling first starts to grow as fast as possible to toughen up, with enough leaves to catch the light and firm roots for nutrient absorption. In natural conditions, that happens in spring, when the sun is not yet straight above the equator. As the days get longer, the rays of the sun don’t have their full summer strength yet. Plats ‘sense’ this, so if you get your timing right, your germinated seeds will grow fastest from early May until about mid- or late June. Indoors, you can simulate these springtime conditions all year long by using a ’16/8′ lighting schedule. That means switching on the lights for 16 hours and then switching them off again for eight hours of ‘night’ – similar to outdoor Spring conditions, that is.

Indoor growers need to keep the fresh air (rich in CO2) coming in and old air (rich in O2) going out. This requires an extractor fan with carbon filter for the smell, fans for air circulation and a fresh air inlet in a closed-off growing environment. This is also where growing outside saves you a lot of trouble.

How Light Directs The Growth Of Cannabis: Vegetative Stage And Spring Sunshine

On June 21, the Northern Hemisphere enjoys the longest day of the year. After this ‘summer solstice’, the days gradually get shorter as we (sadly) start to prepare for autumn. Rather than growing even taller, cannabis plants now enter the flowering stage. This is when female plants start to develop the flowers growers love to harvest. How long a given strain flowers before she’s ready to harvest depends on the individual strain. Still, in temperate climate zones such as those of Northern Europe, it’s important to finish flowering before the cold and wet autumn weather sets in; preferably before October arrives. This explains why May is the perfect time to get your germinated seedlings out into the spring sunshine.

Ready – Steady – Grow!

Once you receive your seeds and activate them through germination, the first element your cannabis seedling needs to survive is light. Just like regular plants, weed needs light for photosynthesis in order to grow. And no, that does not necessarily have to be artificial lighting in an indoor grow house. Sure, you can build an indoor grow room, grow tent, or even a small cabinet with artificial lighting. But why should you? The sun is shining outside, so why not use that natural solar power to fuel your weed plants? Depending on your local climate conditions, spring and summer are the perfect time to get a natural grow running. It’s free, it’s sustainable, and it’s a great excuse to get out more often.

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