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I don’t like pulling weeds! We don’t like pulling weeds either. We, as sod growers, are especially careful about weeds. We are also very careful about seed. The seed we use is 100% weed free. Our label says, "0.00% weed seed." Don’t waste time pulling weeds, start with weed free seed.

SOD Quality Seed

We offer our beautiful Triathalawn Tall Fescue and perennial ryegrass overseed. Both are 100% weed free!

Hand trowel – The classic garden tool, a hand trowel can also be used to dig and lift weeds from garden beds. There are many different styles of trowels with some having wide blades, and other quite narrow. Some are made from steel, others from plastic. If you have arthritis, you may wish to buy one with an ergonomic handle to make weeding more comfortable.

During the main growing season, I spend a lot of time in my vegetable garden. Some of that time is spent tending the crops, other times I just want to hang out and relax in that beautiful space. I often take a mug of tea up to the garden and wander around the beds, checking the growth of my crops and taking a peek for potential problems – like weeds. One of the keys to a weed free garden is to pull weeds as soon as you spot them. When immature, most weeds are easy to remove with a quick yank or the help of a garden tool. Don’t make weeding an occasional chore, pull them as soon as you see them to minimize the risk that they will spread.

A Hori Hori garden knife is a super useful tool in the battle against weeds.

8 – Grow healthy soil

Landscape fabrics are said to allow water to pass through to the roots of your plants, but I’ve found that water runs off quickly with little penetrating the tightly woven fabrics. This leaves the roots of your trees, shrubs, and perennials dry and the plants prone to drought damage. I have seen weed barrier and landscape fabrics be effective when used in outdoor pathways and patios where they were then covered with a thick layer of pea gravel. Generally though, they cause more garden problems than they solve.

Collinear hoe – If you prefer long-handled tools, you may be interested in a collinear hoe. I have the 3 3/4 inch collinear hoe from Johnny’s Selected Seeds and it makes very quick work of surface weeds.

Implementing smart watering techniques, especially when plants are young, is a good way to restrict weeds. Whether you’ve planted a lilac or a tomato plant, water the plant, not the all the soil in the garden bed. If you water the whole garden, you’re also watering weeds and weed seeds. You can use soaker hoses or DIY your own watering system to direct water to the roots of your plants to encourage a weed free garden.

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