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weed b gon and seeding

How long you must wait to plant grass seed after treating your lawn with a Scotts Weed B Gon product depends on which product you use. When fighting broadleaf weeds such as dandelions with the basic Weed B Gon weed killer, wait at least three weeks to sow your grass seed. This product specifically targets the seeds of broadleaf weeds, but it can stop or slow down your grass seed’s germination as well.

Keeping your lawn weed-free is a constant battle that uses cultural practices, such as deep waterings, to encourage grass to choke out weeds, as well as chemical products, such as using Weed B Gon, to kill weeds before they start. These chemicals often kill grass seed as well, keeping it from germinating along with the weed seeds, so wait before you sow your seed.

With Crabgrass Preventer

When fighting grassy weeds, you must wait a little longer to plant your grass seed, whether you’re seeding your entire lawn, overseeding or treating bare patches. With the Weed B Gone Plus Crabgrass Control, wait at least four weeks to plant seed. Because this is specially formulated to stop grassy weed seeds from germinating, it also can stop your regular grass seed from growing.

Although you can’t spread grass seed at the same time you spray your lawn with Weed B Gon, other options exist to treat your lawn for weeds at the same time you plant seed. These typically come in the form of weed and feed products that offer fertilizer along with the herbicide. Look for products specifically designed to be spread with grass seed, often noted on the label as a starter fertilizer plus weed control.

When you’ve already planted your grass seed and want to apply a pre-emergent herbicide to keep weeds from competing with your new grass for water and nutrients, have a little patience. Applying a weed-control product such as Weed B Gon too soon can kill young grass. Instead, wait until you’ve mowed the new grass at least three times before using herbicides on your lawn.

Hello Ashton,
Time for me to cure my lawn. I have about an acre and a half, my back yard is a sandy soil some shade, in the shaded area grass does not grow lots of weeds. As we come forward soil get darker grass grows better, but still have dandelions, crab grass and this continues out to the front yard.
I do seem to have a lot of bugs too. Where do I start ?
Thank you
Brenda Evans

Hi Paul
You need to decide whether you should kill off everything and start over or to improve what you have. Since the kill off everything and start over option is best done in Late Aug/Early Sept, you have two options. The first option is to nothing till late summer when you start the process by killing your lawn with Roundup. The second option, and the approach I have seen others take in your situation is to feed your lawn a few times to see how much good grass you have (you may be surprised). Then make a decision on what to do next in late Summer. If you decide to do this, feed now with Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer and then again in about 6 weeks with Turf Builder Weed & Feed. You can then decide if you want to keep improving your existing lawn by feeding two more times in fall or to kill it off and start over with new grass. I will be happy to guide you with the proper steps… check back with me around mid August.

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For all of you who have this lawn question and to make it easier for you to find the info without going on a treasure hunt through my older blog postings, I am going to make it easier to find the answer. Click here to read my March 28 post: Feed, Weed, or Seed? … My most read posting this spring.

I purchased a large bag of weed and feed last Fall, in an effort to get rid of dandelions in my half acre back yard. I was sadly disappointed because they are still in my grass in all their glory. Your comments please.

Hi Ashton,
I live in Pflugerville TX 78660 and I have a back yard that has several types of weeds but the grass is weak and have some bare spots. Looking for advice should I broadcast bermuda seed with some feed and weed control?

I’m not concerned about getting it perfect. If 10% of the seed I put down comes up and starts to spread over the years, I’d consider that a win. Every amount above that certainly welcome, but.

I just sprayed today, and it’s supposed to rain in 2 days (and a few days in a row). I was hoping I could toss down the grass seed tomorrow before rain, but I wasn’t sure if that’s too soon, or if it matters with this particular chemical.

Can I over-plant grass seed a day after spraying Ortho Weed B Gon? If not, how long do I need to wait (and why)?