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Do you agree with Thoughtcloud CBD's 4-star rating? Check out what 102 people have written so far, and share your own experience. The CBD industry is still relatively new. As it continues to gain its footing, standards and expectations are slowly being established by members of the growing CBD market community. One especially important concern established early in the conception of the CBD industry is the expectation of purity. Despite the desire of consumers to purchase only

Thoughtcloud CBD Reviews

I love the products. They taste great and work subtle, but powerful.
Whenever there is an issue Leo will answer as soon as possible and is super kind. He will solve problems and does everything to please his customers.

Date of experience : September 06, 2022

Love the full spectrum CBD been using…

Love the full spectrum CBD been using for many years. I believe in how this company makes its products

Date of experience : September 02, 2022

Best nights sleep ever with the lemon…

Best nights sleep ever with the lemon sleep gummies. I’m so grateful to have them!!

Date of experience : August 29, 2022

I use regularly 🙂

Date of experience : August 22, 2022

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I love our products!

Date of experience : August 22, 2022


I have been using the pet CBD for my pup when we travel or when he’s in pain for over 5 years now. This company is amazing, their product is superb, and customer service is excellent. Thank you, Thoughtcloud!

Date of experience : August 19, 2022

LOVE my thoughtcloud orders every…

LOVE my thoughtcloud orders every time!! It had been a while since my last order but just as I expected, value, quality/purity, wonderfully effective products and efficient international shipping as always! Tried some pods these times and they are so great – as a registered medical patient in my country with quite a high tolerance, I’m pleased to say thoughtcloud’s cannabinoids are up there with the medical grade products in many cases. About to re-up tomorrow so I can stock up while the sales are on!! High five to the awesome friendly team @ thoughtcloud Colorado!!

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Date of experience : August 15, 2022

Disappointing Deep Sleep

The Deep Sleep had good ratings so I tried it and was greatly disappointed as it did nothing for me. I’ve used it every night for a week and increased the dose up to four chews, still nothing. I gave a few of the chews to a friend to try and they did not help her either.

I cannot figure out how to respond except to edit this. Order number is 482100 from July 21st. I bought two containers and I continue to use the product in hopes of something happening but whether I chew one, two, three or four, I get nothing. It does not make me feel more relaxed or help me sleep. The friend I had try it is 30 years my junior; she thought it helped her feel slightly relaxed for about half an hour but did not help her sleep.

Date of experience : August 09, 2022

Reply from Thoughtcloud CBD

Dear Deb, not every cannabinoid works for everyone. CBN is one of the cannabinoids that may take time for your sleep patterns to adjust. It doesn’t happen overnight. I would gladly have you trial something different. Email us at [email protected] last night and provide your order number. I can’t seem to find your order in out system. Are you sure that you ordered from our webste?

Thought Cloud: Organic Lab-Tested Full Spectrum CBD Oil Hemp Products

The CBD industry is still relatively new. As it continues to gain its footing, standards and expectations are slowly being established by members of the growing CBD market community. One especially important concern established early in the conception of the CBD industry is the expectation of purity. Despite the desire of consumers to purchase only those CBD liquids holding high purity and mostly CBD liquid itself, many CBD products still don’t have the kind of quality and purity which would be expected of products in most other supplemental industries.

Thought Clod CBD’s entire marketing and advocacy efforts are based around their understanding of this growing expectation of purity. As their website claims, the Thought Cloud CBD oils and products are some of the purest in the entire industry—and they have some major facts to prove their claims. Additionally, their FAQ and informational sections do a wonderful job of explaining how their product ought to be used and the different ways that CBD might respond to a given condition.

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Thought Cloud ships their product all over the United States, and charges a small amount of extra money in exchange for international shipping. A slew of online reviews establishes that the company provides relatively quality products for fair prices, and with an effective shipping process. The company is based in the UK, which could spell a problem for some consumers in the US; it is recommended that users disable the international lock on their bank card in order to purchase their products.

The company has also gained some positive press and reception in the past for the Thought Cloud Foundation, a charitable organization which provides scholarships and hardship assistance programs to groups and people in need.

Thought Cloud Products

Thought Cloud offers hundreds of different products with a variety of purposes and applications. For the most part, Thought Cloud specializes in CBD liquids, vaporizers, and apparel. It is unclear what percentage of the proceeds from groups of products goes towards the company’s charitable foundation, but the organization has been noted as a truly charitable entity, so this revenue does need to come from somewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

As many CBD and hemp-product websites do, Thought Cloud offers a comprehensive FAQ, or frequently asked questions, section to calm worries and educate the consumers who visit their website. Many of the questions are common within the industry, concerning things like the THC content of products on the site and the likelihood that any given product will help the condition suffered by the reader.

As the FAQ elaborates, CBD sold by Thought Cloud generally contains no THC content, meaning that it will never get the user “high” or generate intoxication in the user. However, the “Full Spectrum” line of products have a trace amount of THC in them, although the amount is never really high enough to generate intoxication with recommended servings and dosages.

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As the FDA in the United States still classifies THC as an edible food and not a type of drug or legal supplement, Thought Cloud is understandably disallowed from including information like recommended dosages, or commenting on the ability of their products to fix or solve any specific medical condition or problem. However, users interested in this information should search online and find one of many resources concerning the topic.

Product Selection

Thought Cloud wins major points for their selection of products. The company makes everything from facial soap and beauty bars to vaporizer liquids, all full of quality CBD ingredients for maximum effectiveness. Their product page is not particularly organized, as the company has not split their products into different categories or application methods.

The most popular product lines from Thought Cloud, though, are those liquid formulas. Their Full Spectrum CBD and CBN formulas are recommended as potential sleep aids and pain formulas, and come with particularly positive reviews from their users on-site. Their apparel is popular with some members of the community, often featuring their white logo on a black hoodie or tee.

Reviews and Reception

Many companies in the CBD community face issues with public exposure and image. CBD reviews are hard to come across, but Thought Cloud seems to have a vast number of viable reviewers all over the internet. “CBD Nerds” is one reviewer, and they rewarded the company a rating of 4.5 of five stars from 36 unique customers.

YouTubers all over the website have shouted the organization out for the quality, purity, and effectiveness of Thought Cloud CBD for pain relief, as well. Overall, the company has earned respect from most reviewers within the CBD community, making their products a viable source for CBD relief.

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