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Strains from TGA Genetics are commonly found throughout the world today. This is particularly true in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Some of their most well-known strains include: Space Queen, Agent Orange, Vortex, Timewreck, and Jilly Bean.

TGA (The Green Avengers) is headed by Subcool and Mz. Jill, two of the most accomplished horticulturalists the industry has to offer. Their beloved genetics are highly sought after for their characteristic terpene profiles. Most TGA strains have a distinguishable fruit aroma. This is because Subcool often uses selective breeding techniques to find strains that will produce the best-tasting hash.

TGA Genetics (aka Subcool Seeds) is a team of breeders with locations in California, Oregon, and Washington. TGA Genetics started, in 2001, as a small group of dedicated medical cannabis gardeners who had grown tired of the false claims and made up marketing.

TGA has won a number of awards for their strains in the 13 years since their inception.

To develop Grape Inferno, TGA Subcool started a collaboration with Norstar Genetics to cross the renowned and rare Nepali OG cut and the Querkle variety, famous for its delicious grape scent. This new strain is now available at Alchimia Growshop ! T [. ]

Created with the aim of combining the levels of cannabinoids THC and THCV incredibly elevated of the strain Jack The Ripper with the clear and relaxing effect of B*. The combination of these genetics produces a motivating effect and stimulate creativ [. ]

Lemon Stilton is a cannabis strain developed by Norstar Genetics for TGA Subcool, combining the Exodus Cheese clone with a Jack The Ripper male, giving plants as rich in resin as terpenes, releasing a sweet and sour candy aroma. Now available online [. ]

Lemon Stilton by TGA Seeds – SubCool’s The Dank (Formerly TGA Seeds)

12 years ago, Subcool, the breeder of TGA, grew the Killer Queen (G13 X C99) marijuana strain. From this crop, he selected a gorgeous female with C99 dominance. Since then, he started seeking the G13 phenotype. Finally, Subcool was lucky to find thi [. ]

In Alchimia Grow Shop we absolutely love the name of the new strain from TGA Subcool: Alchemy. This genetics comes from a cross between Norstargenetics Chemdawg – with earthy and diesel flavour – and TGA’s Querkle, a beautiful Indica with grape and [. ]

Subcool’s The Dank also offers high CBD varieties ??such as Hurkle, HarliQueen, Death Lights or the very well-known Pennywise. All strains with CBD are excellent choices for those cannabis users who want to enjoy the beneficial properties of cannabinoids, but without the psychoactive effect.

Nepali Queen is a Nepali OG x Space Queen hybrid developed by Norstar Genetics for TGA Subcool to create a heavy-yielding cannabis strain with long, fat, resin-coated colas. Available now in the regular seed catalogue of Alchimia! An 80% Indica vari [. ]

“You can’t use the terpenoids because they’ll have a smoky taste,” Subcool says. “People are making jokes about buds contaminated by smoke, calling that weed ‘Campfire OG.’”

Subcool explains that cannabinoids and terpenoids evaporate or chemically degrade when buds are subjected to extreme heat, but buds that weren’t subject to open flame or heat extremes can be processed by extractors to salvage at least some THC and CBD.

He’s opening a greenhouse with 7700 square feet of floor space in Phoenix, where his crew will plant 500 Jesus OG Kush seeds. These seeds will be grown under the watchful eye of social media so that the Weed Nerd nation can weigh in on their favorite phenotypes. The winning phenotypes will be tested genetically, and for cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles. The most impressive phenotypes will then be certified as an official Subcool varietal before being sold as clones and whole bud.

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Before these fires flared, Subcool had already planned to temporarily relocated and start a new venture further afield in Arizona after he harvested, dried and cured his now-incinerated 2017 outdoor garden.

“The magnitude of it didn’t really hit me until I went back to my burnt-down property and reached up where there used to be a shelf that had pictures of me and my wife, and a jar of the new strain of seeds called Mendo Dope. Everything just crumbled away. Everything was ashes. It was then that the shock wore off and the grief came on.”

The grower said he’s heard at least one report of law enforcement called in when fire officials found evidence of a grow op in a burned-out structure.

One note of hope amid the disaster’s sadness is that some of Subcool’s associates, who have cannabis processing and extracting gear, are offering help in attempting to salvage concentrates from buds that haven’t been totally destroyed, but rather, have only been contaminated by smoke.