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starting weed seeds outdoors

Garden plot: Probably the most common outdoor growing spot, many will plant cannabis alongside other growing veggies.

Environmentally friendly

Types of outdoor grow spaces

In hot climates, sandy soil should be mulched to help with water retention and to keep roots from getting too hot.

However, plants grown in pots, buckets, or barrels will likely be smaller than those planted in the ground because their root growth is restricted to the size of the container. In a broad sense, the size of the pot will determine the size of the plant, although it’s possible to grow large plants in small containers if proper techniques are used.

Once you have an understanding of the climate in your area, you’ll need to consider a few things before planting your weed.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know when it’s the best time to do it, and a very common mistake is to get carried away by the excitement of the moment and start germinating the seeds too early. Below, we give you key advice to determine the best moment depending on the region you live in. Practical and simple advice that will help you to choose the best date. Let’s get started.

It was all a dream, an illusion; during the spring season the weather can often turn ugly, and one week later it’s pouring rain. Your plants, which have barely taken their first steps, are in a totally drenched substrate, the few roots they had managed to develop are submerged in water, the leaves don’t grow and the plant is blocked. In the case of autoflowering varieties, by the time the plant recovers its vigour, it’s too late, as their growth period only lasts a month (they start to flower starting on the 25th-28th day approximately) and the final result will be a disaster. In the best case scenario, you’ll have a very small plant that will yield very little and of poor quality. In the worst case scenario, it will die.

Advice nº1: control your eagerness

Imagine that the good weather starts, suddenly there’s a scorching sun for two or three days. You put your coat away in the wardrobe and start to bring out your summer clothes; you’re looking forward to the beach, the bar terraces. And you go ahead, yes, you’re full of confidence and you start to germinate your marijuana seeds, because there’s no point in leaving for tomorrow what you can do today. And you do it. After a week your little plants are ready to face the world, planted in their pot and outdoors, enjoying the good weather. A serious mistake.

If you have sown feminised or regular seeds, the growth period is tripled and instead of 4 weeks, you have 12. This gives you a bigger margin, and although they may have suffered at the beginning, there comes a time when the plants can recover and grow normally. In any event, it’s always preferable to bear in mind the weather factor and germinate at the appropriate time. The less stress and suffering the plant endures, the better the final result.

It’s very common to get carried away by excitement and the eagerness to start sowing. It’s normal, you’ve spent the whole winter awaiting this moment and now it’s here you can’t wait to start. This, precisely, is one of the most common mistakes in outdoor crops: sowing too early. The spring climate is very unstable and can get nasty; it’s important to pay attention.

starting seeds outdoors can be done, I mean marijuana plants have been growing wild from seed for thousands of years before we were here. You cannot even think about starting seeds until the last spring frost is over in your area. There is last frost dates for all different locations, its may 16 here, so anytime after the last frost, your fine. I suggest having a big amount of seeds to play with, because you will have some fatalities. In the spring, when the slugs come out to play, they absolutely love marijuana seedlings and one slug can easily destroy a seedling in a matter of minutes. If you do have slugs, your going to need to protect your plants, seedlings are very small and defenseless when they just start growing. Anything can kill them very easily. Maybe you should make a mini greenhouse to start your seedlings in, it will help protect agaisnt some animals, and keep it nice and toasty in the early spring. Seeds germinate very lousy at low temps, especially outdoors in spring, so germinating seeds indoors is faster, then gently transfer germinated seeds into a party cup of fluffy soil and place outside in greenhouse. Hope that helps, happy toking.

yes it can done. right now i just have new seedling that sprouted few days ago. all i do is plant seed into soilless 16oz party cup and use zipbag as tent once you see the sprout, take off the tent. right now seedling is bath the sun by windsill. i will get plant outdoor in about two weeks or next week. it start 12/12 i have tent for dark time. at the night plant wont survive 30 or 22 degree cold in my area but daytime is very nice with sun. if you dont mind to work bit more ?


happy growing and peace

P.S paper towel method may be a delicate way to germinate seedlings, but with proper viable seeds, The paper towel method is almost fool proof, with a hundred percent success rate other then broken tap roots.

Because your not doing it right, I never leave the seed in the paper towel for more than 24 hours after it has popped, if you do your a n00b. But you can still fix it, just rip the paper towel itself instead of the actual seedling so you dont mess it up.