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small weed seeds

Experienced cannabis growers assure us that short strains have more pros than cons. These pros include:

This collection is ideal for those looking to purchase “short weed” seeds. Short cannabis plants are more manageable than large ones, so these compact strains could be suitable for beginners looking to progress onto intermediate strains.

Outdoor plants tend to be larger than indoor plants regardless, so discreet outdoor growers may therefore want to pick short cannabis strains that will stay relatively small. Tall grass and close-growing shrubs will easily hide the plantation of short weed plants from prying eyes!

Are There Any Cons of Getting Short Weed Seeds?

Dwarf strains are also a favorite of growers who don’t have outdoor space for cultivation and want to plant cannabis in a modest grow box. Besides, small marijuana plants are ideal for low attic spaces, patios, and even windowsills!

Here we have selected compact, short, and even “dwarf” cannabis strains, all of which rarely exceed one meter (3’3”) in height. These small-growing weed seeds are more than suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation enthusiasts.

Most of the small weed plant seeds on this list are autoflowering strains, which is no surprise, as this cannabis type is known for its short stature:

Here are some facts on short height strains from this collection:

Despite their small stature, short cannabis strains can still produce bountiful, rewarding harvests sure to please any grower.

Short cannabis varieties are the perfect choice for a grower who has very little cultivation space and wishes to be discreet about their plants.

The strains listed here have been bred to grow with restricted height, allowing not only for discretion but for simplicity when it comes to cultivation.

Buy short cannabis seeds from Seedsman today, including collections from Barney’s Farm, Nirvana Seeds and Pyramid Seeds.

Yield is also XXL on Kerosene Krash. These seeds are part of the popular USA Special cannabis seed collection with genetics coming from Gorilla Glue #4 and Sherbet. She takes around 8 weeks in bloom. Many of the plants will be around 75cm in height. If you’re curious to know how to keep cannabis plants short, one option is to top the plants. This is where the growing tip of the plant is removed e.g. in veg growth, resulting in a short, squat and bushy plants. Restricting the final plant size by using a small (e.g. 5-7 litre) plant container is also possible.

Of course, you need to choose your cannabis seeds as carefully as the grow method. Autoflower seeds in general are a good option for the indoor cultivator looking to make a high quality small indoor weed grow.

This Very High THC seed is part of the USA Special Seed collection. USA cannabis seeds have earned a solid reputation for ease of growth, heavy yields and extreme potency. Bubba Island Kush typifies the properties which so many repeat growers love. The resin frosted buds are dense and compact with sour, fruity and earthy Kush aromas. The leaves may adopt a dark grey appearance at the end of bloom. This is a beautiful Kush strain during late flowering, both aromatically and visually.

Kerosene Krash: Plant heights around 50-75cm with extreme potency

The great combination of short plants, extreme THC levels, heavy yields are fast flowering times make Kerosene Krash one of the very best short hydroponic cannabis strains. She has one of the best terpene profiles of any strain, with a pungent penetrating fuel aroma. You won’t need a tall grow room, but you will need a good carbon filter!

Photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds can show quite a variation in plant heights. Buy some Haze seeds, or a jungle sativa like Desfrán and you may find that the plants will fill all available space. In unrestricted conditions, many sativa seeds will comfortably reach 1.5 m tall, or much more. If you’re looking to grow short height strains from feminised seeds then indica or indica-leaning hybrid strains are the best choices. These can often stay below a metre in height.

The yields are notably heavy. Just because you are growing a short cannabis plant doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on yield. With a well optimised grow room (and especially with a good quality LED grow light) you definitely don’t need to compromise on harvest quantity. In fact, short height cannabis strains are often preferred by many legal, licensed cannabis producers. That’s because small cannabis plants are ideal for stacked, multi-level grow operations where 2 (or even 3) levels of plants are grown with LED bar grow lights. This is a recipe for very high levels of productivity.

Auto Banana Blaze is a top quality indica autoflower strain from the cannabis cup winning Dutch Passion Afghani Kush cannabis seed collection. Short marijuana strains don’t get much tastier and heavy yielding than this. Auto Banana Blaze seeds grow with a short, compact Christmas tree structure. The aroma is creamy, sweet, fruity and tropical. This mini weed plant takes around 12 weeks to grow from seed to harvest.