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seedsman seed bank review

The promotion can be entered multiple times depending on how many orders you have placed and how many products you have ordered.

Seedsman are delighted to announce a new promotion where you can get your order for free if you leave us a review on one (or more!) of our platforms.

Write a review of any item found on our store and get 1 entry for each and every review. If you bought a product elsewhere but want to leave a review of it on our site, this still counts

Upload an image of any item found on our store and get 1 entry for each and every image. If you bought a product elsewhere but want to leave a review of it on our site, this still counts

Please note, winners will receive a credit for the amount of their latest order to spend on our store or €100 store credit if you haven’t ordered before.

I had a rocky start with them, but I take responsibility for that. Customer service got everything straightened out quickly, & I got the seeds quickly. I had ordered 3, and they also sent me 3 freebies. Every single one germinated in 2 days. I’m impressed! I will order from them again.

Speedy delivery, easy when using a money order.

garybo United States, July 2020

So i would have orginally given them a 3 out of 10, because out of 20 seeds i purchased from Anesia breeder most of the seeds were white to green in color and only 3 sprouted. However than i realized in my thinking that they only disperse them they are not actually packaging them. With that said i emailed seedsman about my issues with the seeds i had gotten from them and they immediately same day sent me a response telling me to pick out equal value for 18 more seeds. So i told them what i wanted and they quickly got them out to me and both shipments made it here and no damage. So they back up the products that they sell which was nice change of pace. They also sent me 20 free seeds the 1st time amd of those 20 10 were from Royal Queen Seeds.

I have ordered exclusively from seedsman for a few years.they carry great seeds from great breeders and post fast. never had an issue. they are a European Seedbank. they post from the EU. if you are from outside Europe, it will take a long time to deliver your package. It say it right there on the website. some people can’t read.

Came in the delivery window that they originally gave. Everything looks right.

Seedsman offers a number of payment methods, including credit card, bank transfer, money order, and check for your order.

You receive bonus loyalty points for stuff like your birthday, and for reaching five orders on your account!

While this isn’t ideal, it’s understandable given the amount of fraud seed banks encounter – personally, I only opt for it on more expensive orders.

Are there any Seedsman discount codes?

They also usually have both auto-flowering and photoperiodic seeds of the same strain.

Finally, entries on a credit card or bank statements are generic and will not identify your purchases!

Seedsman seeds put a good amount of effort into worthwhile discounts and promotions.

A few other seed banks have better shipping features but have a much more expensive flat rate for shipping.