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seedsman review

The website of Seedsman is found at It is effortless to navigate. The great thing about it is, there aren’t any unrelated popping advertisements. Instead, the site is very pleasant to the eyes.

You must notify Seedsman first for specific reasons that make you decide to ask for a refund or return items. Often, your refunded money is sent in the same mode of payment you chose when you created your order.

Strain selection

They give out some parts of their business income for the Cannabis legislation and education to fulfill such promises. Also, all Seedsman seeds strains are provided and preserved by 120 breeders. As a result, they become the seed bank that has the largest marijuana strain catalog up to the present.

Although Seedsman seeds can be covered by Stealth shipping, some report that they receive some damaged seeds. If you experience the same, you can contact customer service and ask for seed replacement without additional cost.

Nevertheless, seedsman customer reviews mainly reported little to no germination issues. You can also get free seeds from them. So, you will be more likely to receive quality seeds than damaged ones.

Strawberry Banana Grape

Seedsman is a Marijuana Seeds breeder and online seedbank. Seedsman has been selling seeds online since 2003. The company is one of the best online seed shops. The range of quality cannabis seeds includes over 1500 strains from over 60 seed banks around the world, including its own range of seeds. Seedsman’s mission is to help keep cannabis genetics for future generations. A portion of the company’s benefit is distributed to the fight for the legalization of marijuana all over the world. The company tries to ensure a diverse gene pool remains. Seedsman sells various ranges of cannabis seeds. It also sells products that can be used to help store seeds safer and for longer periods. Seedsman also offers some great discounts, according to how much money you spend per order.

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Pink Kush CBD Auto

Strawberry Banana Grape

Northern Lights Auto

They lost my order and never got my money back it was my first time buying so this site is suspect if you stay in US

This is my 3rd time buying from them they sent my 1st 2 orders no problem but I ordered my last order a month ago and still have not received tried emailing them but there no help at all terrible CS I GOT INSURANCE ON IT TO AND THEY WANT RESEND IT ! Horrible company ! This review was made on July,19,2021

This is my 3rd time buying from them…

Ordered 2 packs (14 seeds) of autoflower. Only 4 germinated into some frankenplant things. Genetics shockingly bad. A very nice customer support rep offered a replacement 2 packs. I chose seedmans own strains auto. Only 1 germinated. Shocking waste of time although CS Laura was lovely. No future custom from me.

3rd time from Seedman and I'm completely satisfied! Great shipping, service, and selection!!

Ive been buying since they opened for business. I wont be back. Seeds wouldnt germinate and couldnt get replacements.They sent a replacement but was never recieved. No TRACKING so i cant prove it. They wernt interested and said i shouldve contacted them earlier than 9 months after buying. I had 20 seeds and im the only one who smokes, so i do 1 seed at a time. How can i do 20 seeds in less than 9 months? They dont make any sense, unless they thought i was a was going to plant the lot straight away. Theyre speculating is dangerous to humanity. Went over to Nirvana Seeds and couldnt be happier. Great service. Seedsmen have become very unreliable and of no help to long time customers. See ya Seedsmen and good riddins to bad rubbish.