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seeds and clones for sale

The Strainbank has developed a platform for patients to buy clones for sale online from trusted marijuana nurseries. The long withstanding partnerships we have established with the best marijuana growers in the U.S. has allowed The Strainbank to quickly become a globally recognized source of superior cannabis genetics.

The service we provide operates solely on voluntary donations offered to us by patient members. Thousands of people risk payments to Int’l Seedbanks generating millions in revenue without much hesitation. The Strainbank does our best to flower verify, preserve and share the most premium cannabis strains on Earth. If you’re just looking for any marijuana clones online then try searching Craigslist for cheap deals, but do so at your own great risk.

We’re not the only marijuana clones provider, so we listed below some of our highest rated competitors for you.

Cannabis Seeds

The Strainbank stands behind our marijuana clones and cannabis seeds with our Exchange Policy to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The best way to ensure you are buying reputable marijuana clones for sale is by looking at reviews on each Google business listing to get credible feedback from real people. For example, just take look at the striking difference between The Strainbank and any one of our competitors in San Diego or Los Angeles! We’re not knocking these clone nurseries simply because they have yet to establish a solid reputation, we’re just proud of our trail blazing history serving the cannabis community.

Buy the best clones for sale online and together we’ll grow far.

Ideally when plant roots emerge, they seek the next growing medium immediately to acclimate properly and continue healthy development. Roots that develop outside a growing medium require additional water, humidity and nutrients, otherwise they become discolored.

The usually rather rough transport by mail would cause a lot of stress for the young plants and weaken them. In the worst case the hemp plants would be treated improperly, damaged or crushed on delivery. Since the needs of our customers are our top priority and the best service is just good enough for you, we do not use online shipping.

On the one hand, we want to give you the opportunity to inspect the plants on site before you purchase. This gives you the freedom to choose your prot�g�s according to your own preferences and, in case of doubt, to be advised by our experienced staff. On the other hand, you can then take your plants home with the necessary care.

Vienna: Clones. Cuttings made by professionals.

The prices of our seedlings at PlantCity are made up of different components such as the variety, quantity and size of the plants. The cheaper option are seedlings in in cubes.

In addition, the Clones shop offers hemp plants that have already grown large in a 2-litre pot for € 25,-. All small or big cannabis clones that you can buy here have already established a good root system and can be planted directly into your garden/grow tent.

Our seedlings grow and thrive in sophisticated systems. The ideally equipped cultivation rooms are physically separated from their surroundings so that the seedlings grow under the best protected conditions. CMH lamps and Sanlight LEDs give them the energy they need to develop a strong root system and become robust and resilient. All plants in PlantCity are placed on grow tables that are regularly watered. This type of irrigation ensures ideal humidity in the root environment, which is extremely important for plants in the start-up phase.

“The seeds I got from you guys are already growing fast! Really excited I get to finally grow my own plants this year. Thanks for giving me such great seeds”

Each strain we offer have been tested and carefully bred to create seeds that are easy to grow and also give amazing yields. Each strain is a favorite of our expert breeders, ensuring you’ll be extremely happy with the results!

Cannabis Seeds Bred To Perfection

As you already know, it is now legal in Arizona for adults over the age of 21 to grow their own marijuana plants. it’s an exciting time for every recreational marijuana user in the state!

Our Gorilla Cake strain is a favorite for recreational users. It’s a cross between the award winning Gorilla Glue and Wedding cake strains. It gives a heavy high, has a dense bud structure and gives off a rich terpene fragrance you’ll love!

Our award winning breeders have finally released some of their favorite marijuana strains for you to grow at home yourself, with great results!