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seedo weed grower uk

A state-of-the-art system that requires almost no knowledge of nutrients, grow cycles or lighting needs, the Seedo relies on a patent-pending LED adjustment system that monitors plant growth and automatically moves the lights accordingly. If changes must be made to the preselected grow plan, users can adjust settings in the self-sufficient unit via a connected app.

If you’re stoked for the 55-pound compact cannabis incubator, preorder one here for $1,400.

Just a hunch though …

Airtight with built-in CO2 cartridges and A/C so there’s hardly a need to open the unit to let pests in or smells out, the interior of the Seedo can be monitored remotely via a built-in HD camera.

Combating forgetfulness in home botany adventures: the Seedo — basically a set it and forget it hydroponics grower.

Grobo Premium and Solid

Hydroponic Grow Box. ($1,999-$2,199)

Grobo Premium

What’s included: Included in the Seedo Home price is the Seedo growbox itself as well as an air filter, 2 liquid nutrition bottles and a growing tray.

The Grobo Solid and Premium units are already shipping with customers receiving their Grobos every day. As of right now, the Grobo is in stock and shipping daily. The Seedo Weed Grow Box has not yet started mass shipping.

Lighting:LED (Purple only)

We’re in agreement that home grown food is awesome and the technology is getting closer to making it all economically viable. It will still take years of R&D to accelerate growth and decrease manufacturing costs enough. In this regard, Grobo is taking the Tesla approach. Start with a high value, niche product [Tesla Roadster / Grobo Premium] and then leverage those technological developments to eventually create an affordable mass market product [Model 3].

A prime example is their work on the Seedo Farm container growing systems. They secured two locations in Israel to build these systems which, on their own, are a huge multi-million dollar investment. The press release nearly doubled their stock price, again putting them into a good spot.

Countertop Grow Systems

In 2020, they’re all but a distant memory. GrowLife still exists as a company, but their focus is no longer on the Phototron. What is pretty amazing though, is that you can still find growers using the Phototron for their home grows. Will we see them again one day? Only time will tell!

Back in 2014, when we first started Grobo, the home growing landscape was fairly sparse. Click & Grow was taking off with their countertop systems for herbs and veggies, while the cannabis space had a few low-tech grow cabinets around. Grobo started with a focus on countertop herbs and vegetables, with Click & Grow and Aerogarden as our main competitors. That product never came to market.

On September 5, 2019 the Aspen GroBox Facebook group was archived by their team and they went dark. The company quickly deleted their website and social media pages, but didn’t communicate with their Kickstarter Backers who didn’t receive their orders.