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We don’t have a search-function for our PlantProfiles right now, there are just too little uploaded profiles up to now 😉 But we prepared a first, provisional overview about all profiles – and we also installed some first, very simple Strain-Clouds. With this Clouds you can have a look onto strains who was tagged on smell, taste or effect by the community.

Its easy, you will find the upload-link onto all strain-description pages (in the left strain menu) or simply click here and choose the breeder and the strain manually.

How does it work?

In order to request only standardized and searchable user-inputs we have prepared an very extended input form. Here you can find all information about the grow, growth behavior, the flowering period, the yield and its strength, the leaf/flower-ratio and so one – and, of course, all separately for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Even for a detailed description of taste, aroma/odor and effect there are some input fields prepared, so you also can add very extensive smoke reports. Easy: All fields are predetermined and can easily be selected and clicked, everything is prepared for a fast and simple input!

. should expand and upgrade our strain-descriptions and enables the gardener to share his impressions and experience. It enables a better strain selection – tailored to particular needs – and makes it possible to find a plant who will bring your desired properties!

Outdoor-Reviews will also be added to our climate zones where you can select the best cannabis-strains for your climatic conditions!

?have a privacy policy/terms and conditions page, and legal information

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The WORST cannabis seed banks

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☺ Cannabis seeds are also categorized by their unique traits such as high THC strains, high CBD strains, high yield strains, landrace genetic strains, inbred line strains, award-winning strains, and more.
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Crop King Seeds has been in the marijuana seed bank business for over 15 years selling marijuana seeds to customers around the world. 500 new varieties of feminized, regular, and autoflowering seeds make up the Crop King Seeds strain catalog—all sold under their own brand. Pay for seeds with Visa, MasterCard, or Bitcoin. The marijuana seeds are shipped discreetly and delivered fast, arriving in the U.S. within 2–7 business days. Many reviews rank Crop King Seeds as one of the best North American seed banks. Free shipping on all orders over $200.

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Our own rating you will find at the left side of the table. Our traffic light system will preselect the shops for you and also seperate some fake-shops. These ones are so far away from a good voting that we put them to the end of the list (with a red x). For example swindlers with overpriced noname-seeds or pure Referrer pages without any additional benefit.


All known seedbanks and shops at one view. At the left you will find the SeedFinder rating from green to red, the average user rating you will see at the right side and some more information you can find below the list. Order the table by clicking its titles – and click at the seedbanks to get some more detailed info and to read the user reviews.

At the right side you will see the average user rating and the amount of user reviews for each seedbank. This average voting is generated with the ratings about delivery speed, quality of the products and service. If you like to have more detailed info and read the user-comments – please check out the detailed seedbank-descriptions including payment methods, links etc. pp.