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seed king

I believe this is a scam company—i received a notice my order was shipped April 8 and I’ve received nothing. I wish there was a 0 stars rating. Or lower.

I've not received my order. Tracking shows there's no house number, and a minute later it was a miracle. It got delivered.
So I guess I got screwed. Oh and not one email or call answered or returned.
Good luck

I believe this is a scam company—i…

I bought seeds from them they even rated the t h c in the plants .grermenation was fine plants came out perfect I grow with 930 c m h lights in coco wiTh ten tons of ac ,co2 ,r o water .Fertilizer is made perfectly p h and ppm 20 by 20 flower room 10 by10 veg room .Any way when they were all done dried and cured it was so weak I couldn’t even give it away .Compaired to my go to strainS which go in a week no matter how much I got.Don t waist your electrical bill there’s better out there can’t say there’s worse .i gave clones to a friend that’s been growing for years and he was mad at me for a web site for hemp rope seeds

Ordered April 4. Notified that it was shipped April 6. STILL not received. Apparently this is a scam. I too wish No Stars or even NEGATIVE stars were an option. Avoid this "seller!"

Again, as per other comments, I would prefer NO STARS. After months of germination, planting and finally producing fruit, I found out my sweet pizza peppers are some kind of hot pepper. I would like to use one of these hot peppers and implement it as a flaming hot suppository on the owner of this company.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Callistephus chinensis

USES: Cut flowers, borders.


Satisfaction Guarantee

SOIL REQUIREMENTS: Fertile, well-drained soil. pH: 5.5-7.5 preferred.

Johnny’s is committed to your success, every step of the way.

VASE LIFE: 7-10 days.

PLANT HEIGHT: Varies depending on variety.

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