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seed bank australia review

Australian Seed Bank has low to average prices for their seeds.

Someone needs to tell Australian Seed Bank that a lot of other seed banks are vying for the title of “Australia’s official cannabis supplier.”

Their claim is mimicked by numerous other cannabis seed banks like Aussie Seed Bank which calls itself “Australia’s only legit seed bank,” Australian Marijuana Seeds which calls itself “Australia’s official seed bank,” and OZ Seeds which calls itself “Australia’s best seed bank.”

Germination Guarantee

Australian Seed Bank guarantees shipping, asserting that they have never lost a package or had any packages confiscated because of their stealth shipping method.

On their website, they claim that “Your privacy is our Number One concern. Please feel safe browsing our online catalog.”

If they have been in business for that long, remaining so unknown on the web was truly an insane feat.

Overall, you are probably fine buying from them, but you are taking a risk in regard to their seed’s quality, customer service, and the safety of your purchase.

If you really want to buy high-quality cannabis seeds that would turn into an outstanding crop, go for ILGM!

While discussing the best Australian seed banks on the Grasscity forum , users are not sure about OZ Seeds seed bank.

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) – Every Seasoned Grower’s First Choice!

You can also browse the strains based on your growing requirements and preferences, such as plant size, yield, climate, and whether you want to cultivate weed indoors or outdoors.

You end up being on a totally different website where you won’t find any link to OZ Seeds!

Here’s what a Rollitup user said replying to another user discussing Australian seed banks,

bro you been a member since 2009 & are asking this question now?

Not from Australia myself, but Oregon Elite Seeds does international shipping, no cc option ATM but Toby is a stand up dude and all orders come through. Great freebies with all orders over 100$. And you can even talk to his buddy @deeproots74 , he might be able to help you out.


If you dont want to take the risk of importing seeds from overseas there are a few local breeders now.

bro you been a member since 2009 & are asking this question now?

Check out the thread, you’ll be able to get quicker information if you start reading the thread backwards, someone from AUS ordered and received his order. Try page 59 or there about