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same seed different bag

Just had a seed salesman stop in .Told me a lot of stein corn is the same as channel.. R9313 is channel 197-31 was one example. Also Stein bean 19RA02 is the same as Asgrow1931 and Channel1900 and are quite a bit cheaper in a stein bag. Is there any validity to this. Not looking for opinions, just any factual data .. Looking for options as I haven’t purchased any seed yet. Thanks for any input .

For corn, the breeding group at Stine is pretty meager, so it is likely a bunch of germplasm is coming from the same place the traits are coming from.

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ecwis – 2/4/2015 15:01

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Does the phrase “Same seed different bag” sound familiar? It’s something that’s frustrated farmers for years. Companies selling seed under different brand names has been a common practice in the seed industry.

“We started a project trying to decode that. Farmers have now sent us pictures of well over 1,000 tags which have the variety names as well as the trade names. We then cross match all of those variety names and tell each of those members if they are paying in fact planting a duplicate or the same seed twice,” Baron says.

Labeling laws require seed companies to provide the variety identity on the seed bag tag itself. But it is different from the marketed brand name. However, it sometimes can be difficult for farmers to match which seeds are the same as others. This is a problem Charles Baron with Farmers Business Network calls Seed Relabeling.

Relabeling is something that’s irritated farmers for a very long time and turns out for a very good reason.

“We found an instance where one brand was relabeling with another in the same state, in the state of Indiana for example, but charging $60 a bag less. That was quite shocking because those farmers were effectively overpaying by almost $30 an acre once you work the math out which is a lot of money to be overpaying for the same genetics from a different branding,” Baron says.

Thousands of farmers buy the exact same seeds marketed under different brands, but sometimes for radically different prices. Farmers Business Network℠ wants to make sure you know what you’re buying and getting the best deal.

In one example, we discovered a seed variety that was being sold under both the Beck’s ® brand and the Supreme Ex ® brand (distributed by Seed Consultants, Inc). Same exact seed, different brands.

Did you know the exact same seed can be sold under two names?

At a 35k/acre population rate, that’s a cost difference of $29.75/acre.

To participate, send your bag tag images to: [email protected] and type “Seed Bags” in the subject line. Members who send in their seed bag tags will receive an email response highlighting if there are any matches in the seed relabeling database for the varieties they sent in.

A common practice in the seed industry is to sell the exact same variety of seed under different brand names. Labeling laws require seed companies to disclose the variety identity on the seed bag tag itself — which is different from the marketed brand name farmers are familiar with. However, it is extremely difficult for farmers to match which seeds are the same as others – a problem we call seed relabeling.