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romulan weed seeds

The Romulan is a legend, a medical and personal favorite to many. This BC original has increased in size and vigor. The Romulan is a squat growing strain known for its overwhelming narcotic stone. It has large dark green leaves, purple stock and leaf stem with frosty buds that are hard and dense. Strong piney smell, a must have for the connoisseurs head stash, pure breeding genetics. Recommended medical strain.

Indoors: 8 weeks
Outdoors: Mid to late October

Basic / Breeders Info

The Romulan is a legend in BC and the Pacific North-West. It was originally breed and grown in the Victoria, BC area. Now it is a favorite for medical clubs all over North America. There are qualities of this strain that are sedative and very helpful with patients that have pain from nerve and muscle damage, also useful in treating seizieres. The quality of the buds are second to none and its our #1 recommended strain for medicinal users.

As seen in Skunk, Cannabis Culture and High Times magazines.

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The origin of Romulan marijuana seeds is still uncertain with many people holding different beliefs. Named after the Romulan race in Star Trek character, this strain of marijuana seed can transform your facial look and make you look like them. Romulan is beneficial for the treatment of insomnia, anxiety, poor appetite and depression. This cannabis seed is perfect for any medical patient looking for all natural medicine. You can even get a sweet deal when you buy a bunch of Romulan marijuana seeds at once. If you’re wondering how this seeds buds will look, you will be happy to know it’s leaves are heavily coated in a ton of THC it seems like hash! The buds will also grow long bright green hairs all over looking like the hair you would see on a troll doll. Get your order fast as this is a popular cannabis seed that everyone wants to bring to the soil.

Cannabis user and growers alike both find the Romulan marijuana seeds a perfect fit for their Indica cravings. With Indica seeds like Romulan, stress becomes manageable with the body feeling much more relaxed than usual. If you think that sounds appealing, then go right ahead and get going started on your purchase. This Indica strain will leave you profoundly relaxed and happy. For people suffering from stress, depression and other issues smoking Romulan will help immensely. This plant is relatively easy to grow. They are reaching anywhere between 2 and 6 feet tall and flowering for around ten weeks.

Yields are exceptional, especially when given some space to fill out with the naturally wide and irregular branching tendency this strain likes to exhibit. Rumored to have come back with Canadian Services person from Korea decades ago and acclimated to outdoor growing in BC ramada before becoming popularized indoors. Some suggest that the plant carries strong Chinese land race phenotype characteristics. Whatever you want to classify it as, this strain is definitely a winner. Big yields, strong potency and unique bud qualities will fast make this a favorite with growers and tokers alike.

Romulan holds a strong cult following all over the globe. Once you have a whiff of these flowers, it’s very easy to understand why. The aroma and flavor and very intense and unique, a mixture of exotic spice and sweet floral tones; extremely pungent.

RMG Romulan feminized seeds, the real deal. Using a proprietary feminization process that guarantees 100% stable and all female seeds, the legendary clone-only Romulan strain is now available as feminized seeds.


RMG Romulan feminized seeds, the real deal. Using a proprietary feminization process that guarantees 100% stable and all female seeds. The legendary clone-only Romulan strain is now available as feminized seeds.

Potency is also very high, buds finish very solid with a thick carpet of trichomes all over the buds and smaller flower leaves. Effects come on fast. The first ten minutes after exhalation is pure lift off. Following, the effects become strongly physical and relaxing with a happy euphoria. The buzz is long lasting and leaves you with with that text book look of relaxation on your face. Excellent for encouraging rest and appetite.

Flowering: 8 weeks indoors, late September outdoor Northern Latitudes. Yield: Excellent, Very High. Aroma: Unique, pungent. Spicy to Floral. Effects: Strong potency, physically relaxing and euphoric.