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To address this, we have always operated as a club – 1p of your order pays for a years membership, so we are not selling to the ‘public’. But this is no longer enough: As of 2011, the UK is being obliged to enforce the regulations more strictly, with the sweetener that varieties can be added to the National List for a reduced fee if they are labelled as ‘amateur seed’.

To complicate the issue, the legality of the National List system is now being challenged in court, and independently the EU itself is planning to ‘simplify’ the whole thing in 2016. Even worse, the law in different countries is ambiguous as to whether selling seed to home gardeners counts at all!

But this system does affect home gardeners in the long run – because it costs money to put/keep varieties on the official list. So it’s only profitable to ‘keep listed’ varieties that sell in huge quantities to farmers, who have very different needs to home growers – a farmer wants their plants to respond to precise chemical inputs, fruit all at once for ‘once-over’ harvesting, and be tough to stand up to transport and packaging. You on the other hand, want tender vegetables produced over a long season, even during variable years.

Company No 5924934

The ‘Real Seed Catalogue’ is a trading name of a membership-based seed club organised by The Real Seed Collection Ltd.
This is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee: Company No: 5924934
Registered Office: Gadlys, Newport, Pembrokeshire, SA42 0RF. Registered for VAT No 841181938


We’ll send you a box of a sample inventory ready to display and sell, along with brochures and product information. If you are interested, we will provide a slideshow and videos explaining the programs and highlighting the impact on the program participants, so you can even have a short presentation.


Are you passionate about educating girls and empowering women? You can help us spread the word about our cause and raise money by selling our products! Host an Enkiteng party – a “Get-together With a Cause” – invite your friends who you think would be interested in what we do and shop handmade gifts (and gift wrapping bags!) from the comfort of your home!

As a thank you, the host will receive a gift card for our products in the value of 20% of total sales at your party that can be used in person or online (shipping is on us!).

Are you on Faire? Check out our wholesale page there

If you yourself are a gardener, then this is an excellent way to make money from your garden without having to do a lot of extra work. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still become a seed salesman by buying seeds from a store to resell to people. Either way, you’ll follow the same steps to become a teenage seed salesman!

How much money you can make as a teenage seed salesman will depend on a few things: how much the seeds cost you, how much you sell the seeds for, how many seeds you sell. Some of this will depend on where you live and who you’re selling to, and how big their gardens are.

How Much Does a Teenage Seed Salesman Get Paid?

A teenage seed salesman makes money selling seeds to friends, family members, and neighbors. This is a great job to have if you live in an area where people love to garden. Even if you don’t, as long as you know some people who do, you can easily make money every year selling seeds.

If you are saving all of your own seeds, you can expect to make $1 per package of seeds, so selling 100 packages will earn you about $100 in one spring. If you have to buy seeds to resell, you will probably make less than $1 per package, so you might only end up making $50 if you sell 100 packages.