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planting joe pye weed seeds

Proper watering for Joe Pye Weed is essential for it to thrive. Don’t allow the soil to stay dry for more than a few days. This advice is especially true while plants are getting established and during hot weather.

Any plants that are killed by powdery mildew should be destroyed to avoid contaminating your compost or soil.

Joe Pye Weed is a perennial, which means that the plant will come back year after year. You just need to plant it once, and you can enjoy this beautiful flowering plant each and every summer!

Starting From Seed

There are THREE places you can typically obtain Joe Pye Weed:

Lastly, Joe Pye Weed may have medicinal value.

Joe Pye Weed is deer resistant and these mammals typically leave it untouched.

Please don’t let the fact that ‘weed’ appears in the name scare you away. Joe Pye Weed is definitely a flower you WANT in your backyard!

Just like butterfly weed and milkweed, Joe Pye weed is a native wildflower that has been poorly named. Under the perfect conditions, it can grow enthusiastically, but there are many newer and better behaved cultivars you can grow.

Despite the fact that it has the word “weed” in its name, Joe Pye weed is a great native flower to add to your garden. It’s not the best for small spaces, since it normally grows 5-8 feet tall, but it will add beauty and fragrance along with its impressive height.

Top Varieties

Joe Pye weed also sows itself easily by seed, although some cultivars will not come true from seed. You can let plants do this to get more seedlings, or you can weed them up if you don’t want them to spread.

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As a native plant, Joe Pye weed is extremely easy to grow and very low maintenance. It rarely suffers from pests or diseases and even deer aren’t very fond of eating it.

British designer Christopher Bradley-Hole used Joe Pye weed, drifts of grasses and other perennials to flank a grid of steel-edged garden paths.

Plants are most vigorous when they have more moisture; however, once established they will survive brief periods of drought (but may experience some leaf scorching). Pinch growth buds (even cut plants back by half) in early summer to make plants stockier with smaller but more abundant flowers. Divide plants in spring shortly after new growth appears or in fall. Easy to grow from seed.
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Photo by: Andrew Lawson.


Sit back and enjoy the butterflies.

Photo by: Rick Darke.

Eutrochium purpureum, sweet Joe Pye weed, grows in the eastern U.S. It has purple flowers, mostly green stems and a vanilla scent. ‘Bartered Bride’ is white form. Eutrochium maculatum, spotted Joe Pye weed is similar to E. purpureum. ‘Gateway’ is shorter. ‘Atropurpureum’ has wine colored stems and dusky rose flowers.

Photo by: Philippe Perdereau.