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pineapple weed seeds

Based on seed characters, pineappleweed seed should persist for longer than 5 years in soil. Seed mixed with soil and left undisturbed declined by 83% after 6 years but in cultivated soil the decline was 91%. Seed buried in sub-arctic conditions had 20% viability after 6.7 years.

Pineappleweed occurs in cereals and broad-leaved arable crops and has become a frequent weed of intensive vegetable crops. It is also a common garden weed.

Pineapleweed is used medicinally, including as an effective worming treatment. The flowers smell of pineapple when crushed.

Pineappleweed flowers from June to September, sometimes into November. Insects seldom visit the flowers. Seed is set from July onwards within 40-50 days of flowering. The average seed number per plant ranges from 850 to 7,000. The 1,000 seed weight is 0.13 g.

Seeds are dispersed in mud and by rain splash. Mud on the tyres of cars was responsible for much of the early spread. The seeds are light enough to be blown by the wind and by passing traffic. Viable seeds have been found in horse droppings.

In sandy loam soil, seedlings emerge from the top 0-10 mm of soil with the majority emerging from the surface 5 mm.

Plants emerging from January to April remain vegetative for longer before flowering than plants emerging from mid-May to mid-July that take just 40-50 days to flower. All set seed and die before winter. Plants that emerge after August are likely to overwinter as vegetative rosettes that do not flower until the following spring. Daylength is the controlling factor and flowering is delayed at a shorter daylength.

Wild Chamomile does well on the edges of things. The seeds can be scattered in fall time along the edges of garden beds and pathways, and with the warmth of spring rains will sprout into tiny fragrant beings.

1 pkg (approx 70-100 seeds)

All seed varieties are grown at our farm or locally and sustainably wildcrafted by us. We gather, process, and package every seed variety we carry ourselves with love and care in small batches. We never purchase seeds from outside sources to resell to you. All of our varieties are open-pollinated, grown without the use of chemicals, hybrid-free and GMO-free.

Common Names
Wild Chamomile, Pineapple Weed

The entire plant can be pulled after flowering, or left to self-seed.

The flowers are the most medicinal, flavourful and aromatic part of the plant, thought the leaves may also be used.

Prefers a spot that is dry with compact and shallow soil in part to full sun. Will grow in regular garden soil, and deficient soil. Best to grow it full sun and dry conditions for more medicinally potent plants.

One of the most attractive aspects of the strain is it’s sweet taste, which whilst being quite heavy on the pineapple (as you might imagine), it has been described as having some light mint or vanilla flavour. Smokers have detected notes of caramel amongst the tropical aroma – the fruity scent of this strain is rather strong. As mentioned earlier, as OG Kush is well known as one of the strongest strains of cannabis, this fruity twist on kush does retain some of that strength – although it’s physical effect is far less pronounced than its parent plant. The mental effects are somewhat comparable, though, making it a very appealing prospect for someone who is looking for a cerebral experience without so much of a physical effect.

A well grown plant will reach a height of somewhere between 70 and one 120 centimeters if grown inside , and between 120 and 180 if grown outside . Plants will typically produce a yield of about 500 g per square meter if you are growing indoors or per plant (once dried) if you are growing outdoors. These seeds have been feminized, meaning that your plants will all flower, which will happen after 8 or 9 weeks under normal circumstances. If you are planning to grow outside, the best time to harvest your plant would be the end of September.

Good yield indoor/outdoor

This strain stands out because of the high potency that it possesses as a result of being bred from the well-known OG Kush strain; although it isn’t quite as strong as the original, this strain certainly offers quite a considerable mental high.

If you are looking for a strain that offers great taste, a sweet smell and a very relaxing head high, Pineapple Kush may be just the ticket. Certainly, fans of the strain would tell you that if you were ever to have the opportunity to try it, this is a strain not to be missed.