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organic weed seeds

Instead, they farm their own food (literally!). They do so by releasing sugars (exudates) into the rhizosphere—an area that extends around two millimetres from the surface of the root system—attracting beneficial bacteria and fungi. Some of these organisms team up with the roots, allowing plants to better absorb nutrients, whereas other microbes act as food for larger creatures.

Protozoa: These guys graze (like tiny little cows) on bacteria in the soil. Not only do they excrete free nutrients, but their hunting encourages the bacterial population to respond by growing faster.

But plants don’t just make food through this interplay. The organisms they attract also help to shape the soil and keep it in optimal condition for healthy growth. Check out some of the most important soil food web lifeforms below:


Growing cannabis organically is better for you, your soil, your garden, and the Earth. Use the guide below to grow incredible weed and boost the health of your garden.

Sure, the cannabis industry has developed many synthetic formulas and techniques, and with great results. But we believe the best-quality flowers and the healthiest plants emerge when we go back to our roots.

Starting off your growing operation with healthy living soil will help you avoid potential nutritional deficiencies, pest issues, and plant pathogens further down the line. Contrary to popular belief, plants don’t just suck up nutrients straight from the soil.

Nematodes and protozoa—the next step up in the soil food web—eat some of these microbes. It just so happens that bacteria and fungi are very efficient at breaking down organic matter and storing the nutrients locked up inside.

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