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Year after year, Japan consistently ranks as one of the top countries for life expectancy. These top 10 facts about life expectancy in Japan is a reflection of economic developments that occurred since World War II.

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Top 10 Facts About Life Expectancy in Japan

These eight factors provide overall quality of life index and rank.

The health care index estimates the overall quality of the health care system, health care professionals, equipment, doctors, cost, and staff at health care facilities.

Based on these indices, the ten countries with the highest quality of life are:

The Quality of Life Index presented here is based on eight indices:

On this page, safety, health care, pollution, and climate are featured.

Cancers and circulatory diseases account for 61% of male and 53% of female deaths in the study and are therefore an important influence on the life expectancy differences seen between ethnic groups.

In the three years 27 March 2011 to 26 March 2014, Table 1 shows males of Black African, Asian Other and Other groups, had the three highest life expectancies. White and Mixed groups had the lowest life expectancies. For females, Black African, Bangladeshi, Asian Other and Other groups had the highest life expectancies and the lowest was also among the White and Mixed groups.

4. Life expectancy at birth, 2011 to 2014

In this article we use a bespoke ethnic grouping, based on self-reported ethnic groups collected in the 2011 Census. We use this breakdown, rather than the harmonised expanded 18 group classification, because it provides categories with large enough numbers of deaths to estimate reliable male and female mortality rates with adequate precision for each group.

colorectal cancer mortality was highest in males in the White ethnic group and females in the Black Caribbean ethnic group

enumerated at the census but not able to be linked to the PR