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We have won multiple awards including.

We are happy to announce our recent expansion to Oklahoma. We look foward to meeting everyone and establishing long lasting relationships in the Sooner State !

We offer the best Genetics the industry has to offer. From the small closet farmer to biggest names in the commercial Cannabis industry. We can help you achieve your goals. The most important factor to any successful grow is the strain that you are growing. Its the foundation to a successful harvest. We stay up on the current trends of whats hot on the market so you dont have to. We have over 15 years of establishing relationships with all the top Cannabis breeders of the world to ensure we can always get the strain you are looking for.

OG Genetics Worldwide

Diamond Valley Og

Our Pacific Coast Kush was featured in Cannabis Indica by S.t. Oner.

You can find our strains at many places in Colorado also. Our favorites are all the Pinkhouse locations where you can always find our Wally Og and Kind Pain Management has our Kingpin Kush, Black Ice Og and several others. You will find our strains throughout many locations in Colorado.

1st place Solventless Concentrate Hightimes Cannabis Cup San Francisco 2014: Kottonmouth Kush

The one that started it all is here!

Blueberry FEM (Canuk Seeds) – 1 Free Seed

Amnesia AUTO FEM (Canuk Seeds) – 1 Free Seed


Original Afghani REG (Canuk Seeds) – 2 Free Seeds

With great bag appeal and an odor you just cant get over, she’s the Florida OG!! An all around great variety with everything we look for, for breeding: growth, structure, vigor, taste, smell, looks, and strength.

Some call this Ocean Grown some call it Crippy and some call it Florida OG.

White Widow FEM (Canuk Seeds) – 1 Free Seed

OG types are quite easy to grow indoors and you can expect decent yields of up to 500 grams per square metre, depending on the particular hybrid you choose. Most OG types will also grow successfully outdoors, even in cooler regions thanks to the hardiness they get from their Hindu Kush genetics.

Happily, OG’s mixed parentage gives it the best qualities of both Sativa and Indica

types, so that the high is at first euphoric followed by a body stone that’s relaxing rather than sedating.

An intriguing mystery surrounds the question of what the letters OG actually stand for. It’s a mystery that may never be conclusively answered but the competing theories include ‘ocean grown’ and ‘organically grown’, both claims from California, and the more entertaining but perhaps less plausible theory from New York, ‘original gangsta’.

Some of the best known OG types include the classic OG Kush, renowned for its fresh pine-forest smell, Tahoe OG, prized for its soaring body high, and Headband OG, yet another superb strain from our clever Californian growers.

The origins of the first OG strain are also somewhat vague, but the original was probably OG Kush from California. According to cannabis lore, OG Kush was created by combining the Chemdawg strain with a Hindu Kush, both Indica strains. Persistent rumours claim that there’s some Sativa dominant Lemon Thai in the mix as well. What we can say with certainty is that OG is a well-mixed hybrid of Indica and Sativa genetics.

If you need any further evidence of the quality and popularity of OG strains, look no further than the annual Cannabis Cup where various OG-based hybrids have won awards no less than a dozen times.