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ministryofcannabis com review

Ministry of Cannabis has found a solution for this problem. Using substances, such as gibberellin acid and colloidal silver, the breeders of Ministry of Cannabis have managed to ensure that their female plant will produce male pollen. In this way, given that both parents are indeed a female, only the X chromosomes are passed to the offspring. This is why the seeds that are produced in this way can only generate female plants (99,99%).

Feminized cannabis seeds (female seeds) are seeds that will produce only female plant. For all the growers, the interesting part of the harvest is the female flowers or buds. The male flowers are only used to produce seeds. Traditionally the growers must germinate an amount of seeds at least twice the final quantity of plants desired. For the modern indoor grower this mean also to throw away a great quantity of electricity and fertiliser for nothing.

We put maximum attention in the whole growing process, to keep the plants far from stress and any other factor that can compromise the final result. Knowing the genetic in deep is necessary to adapt the standard process that lead to the production of male pollen on a female plant to the necessity of each strain. That’s why the Ministry of Cannabis seeds behave so uniform and tolerate good the stress.

Just bought 5 Little Angels auto. they did not autoflower. Thats all

Everything Perfect. Everything I have grown from them so far has been a winner.
Seeds all nice sized and plump, germinating no worries
good staff and communication
They take Visa, no fucking around all easy and perfect
thats how happy with them I am.

guest United States, June 2018

I placed an order for 5 seeds. All the seeds germinated perfectly.
Seed bank highly recommended: Fast shipping, excellent customer service.
Fully recommended for novice and expert growers

Seeds came quickly and well packaged. When opened, the first thing I noticed is they were VERY small. I tried every method of germination for over a month, following their website directly. One out of five germinated. Two weeks into my only plant growing it is still only 2? tall, not yet showing its first true leaves. After contacting the company they said I must have germinated hem wrong and all they are willing to do is a 10? coupon. Very, very unhappy. Company couldn?t care less. BUYER BEWARE
Ordered 5 white widow fem

Man M.o.c /ministry of Cannabis is great they will even tell you when to chop them babies if you send emm pics. Highly recommended in my book as of many others I recommend to them not a big selection but great product check emm out thats all Ive used great.

The biggest point telling us all that the Ministry of Cannabis wants to preserve quality is their commitment to keep all the classic marijuana strains alive and to maintain a good stock of only top-quality cannabis seeds. They even focus on breeding and inventing new , much better strains for the marijuana community. The reviews on the internet show us that the customers are really satisfied with the quality of their strains. Ministry of Cannabis guys have worked with the topmost seed banks and expert breeders of the world, and they know what they are doing. You can find and shop for your favorite strains and products from this Spain-based company to make edibles like weed cookies, CBD chocolate, and many different things.

Currently, they have two projects going on. One project focuses on making a super awesome autoflowering hybrid strain selection. The requirement for this strain is to reach THC levels of 20%. Another thing they are working on is the CBD project where they are trying to breed and make a CBD dominant strain selection that can offer CBD levels of up to 5%. No matter if you like pure Sativa or Indica, you are going to get a marijuana strain that fits your requirement criteria. They sell bulk re-distribution packages, individual packages, and even mixed cannabis seeds pack for people who want to try a bit of everything.

Quality of Marijuana Seeds

Ministry of Cannabis officially states that they have more than 90% germination ratio on their seeds. That means that every order that you buy will have more than 90% of high-quality strains, remember that for a lot of customers, this ratio is 99%. When a company, along with the positive customer reviews , tell that the germination is more than 90%, you ought to try them once to see for yourself. You will get an option to select the bag of 2 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds, and 25 seeds when buying your seeds. The bundle of 10 seeds is popular among users.

They have a very big Blog, where they share a lot of information related to marijuana. Some of the articles on their official blog are about how you can control the s mell of marijuana, how to mix marijuana and food, indoor growing guides , and many more. If you like to read about marijuana, this is a great place to find new knowledge.

There is more than one way to pay for your products at the Ministry of Cannabis. You can use either a Debit card or a Credit card, both of these will be charged in Euro currency . You can even use bank transfer to order the seeds. Apart from that, a method of the bank transfer and cash is generally an easy option for local customers. Other payment options include Bitcoin, MoneyGram, and cash payments. They do not accept money orders or bank cheques . Do not mention any marijuana-related reference when you pay from a credit card.