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Green Magic cannabis seeds are a prime example of how all good things start with good genetics. Green Magic is the enchanting offspring of Amsterdam legend White Choco. Het other parent is Green Manalishi, bringing some serious G13 oomph to the mix. The resulting strain is a 60/40 indica dominant beauty. She holds a 19% average THC content and an interesting touch of CBD. Together, they culminate in an intensely narcotic body buzz. Don’t worry, though: Green Magic leaves your head free to wander euphorically – and that’s before you discover the medicinal potential…

The longevity of Green Magic’s deeply narcotic headbuzz makes this a well-appreciated bedtime strain for those troubled by insomnia. This is partly due to a near-magical balance of terpenes and cannabinoids; beyond THC, CBD (1+%) and CBG (1+%) are most prominent. The sedative and analgesic potential of this strain has made it a trusted ally in the fight against chronic pain, headaches, and migraines. Uniquely, this is where the mixed indica and sativa influences really come into play. Green Magic’s usefulness against pain appears to work both for body aches and cranial pain symptoms. This goes a long way towards explaining why Green Magic cannabis seeds are such a popular choice for medicinally inspired home grown cannabis seeds these days.

Green Magic Cannabis Seeds

Green Magic cannabis seeds take unsuspecting connoisseurs by surprise as if by magic. They bring a powerfully sedative, intensely narcotic body buzz that lasts and lasts. Green magic is reported to work like a charm for chronic pain, migraines, and sleeplessness while reducing stress and tension as she tingles her way down the spine.

Green Magic cannabis flowers are compact and elongated buds marked by a characteristic forest green hue. All along their length, a copious dusting of silvery trichomes is interspersed with fine, long pistil hairs. In grower terms, Green Magic marijuana seeds blend the positive aspects of sativa and indica strains. Sativa influences should be respected by allowing some extra time in the vegetative phase of the plant’s life cycle. In most circumstances, Green Magic will return the favour by speeding up the flowering stage.

The taste of Green Magic cannabis would make a fine entry on a star restaurant’s desserts menu. Laced with tones of chocolate derived from mother White Choco, uplifting hints of spicy caryophyllene and mint enter the melange. The abundance of myrcene terpenes tops it all off with a pleasantly herbal aftertaste. If myrcene’s high-boosting capacity isn’t enough for you, then perhaps you will appreciate its added potential for pain relief and sedative effect. At any rate, the myrcene belongs in the bouquet just to ensure the taste of Green is not lost underneath all of the Magic.

You can’t order Blue Magic cannabis seeds anywhere else but here at Amsterdam Genetics. If you see the name pop up anywhere else, you’re dealing with a crossbreed with altogether other properties inside. So if you’re keen to experience that rock-solid bodybuzz down to the very fibres of your body, you’ve come to the one and only right place. Once you get your Blue Magic grow going, expect to meet a plant with magical opportunities.

A strain that leans so heavily on indica properties will display a different growth pattern than your average hybrid. Cannabis indica strains naturally tend to remain in the growth phase longer, followed by a relatively brief flowering period. That’s why indoor growers should give these plants plenty of time and space to make it through the vegetation stage. Switching to 12/12 lighting too early means promoting flowering too soon, which will ultimately affect yield volumes.

Blue Magic cannabis seeds are an exceptional apex strain in the Amsterdam Genetics range. Lovers of true indica high-flyers, beware: this is the purest indica hybrid we have in store. At the roots of these enchantingly delicious genetics, behind parent plant Green Magic, lies the THC wizardry of our celebrity White Choco strain. Adding Sour Diesel and OG Kush influences through the Headband strain was enough to unleash raw magic; either for focussed medicinal use, or for an indica body buzz the likes of which you won’t soon forget…

Flavour & Aroma

Of course, a suitably plump indica lady such as this is a great way to enjoy a thorough high, without triggering all the metal stimulation and creative thoughts a sativa strain would spark. A joyful, satisfied feeling goes hand in hand with those mellow vibes, tempting you to just sit back as you unwind to maximum effect. At 21% THC, you know you are in for quite the experience. Blue Magic truly is a strain you need to try for yourself, so growers, by all means, do give this blue lady a sporting chance.

Blue Magic is one of our most effective medical marijuana seeds. You’ll feel stress and tension slip from your system pronto, with particular emphasis on body stress. Trembling hands, excessive perspiration, or feet that won’t stand still don’t stand a chance against the soothing effects Blue Manic brings, all the way down to your toes.

Blue Magic cannabis seeds are a fine choice for pain relief, too. Chronic pain deserves a little extra attention, as her terpene and cannabinoid profile suppress pain while protecting nerves against damage at the same time. That makes the rapid onset of effects a welcome added benefit.

Obviously, unique genetics are reflected in an extraordinary taste and aroma. Sweet, spicy, and skunky converge in a bouquet that will leave you puzzled about its components. Compare it with a new dish in a fancy restaurant: the full palette of flavours makes all the individual elements work together. A gentle, smooth exhalation finishes it off, adding yet another layer to the profoundly relaxing experience offered by this incomparable strain. That makes Blue Magic cannabis seeds a superb choice for any connoisseur looking to expand their horizons.

I’ve been to many other places where the waves were better than what I surfed in Dominican Republic this year but the overall experience of staying at Ali’s/Cabarete Surf Camp together with it’s community feel of free thinking, water minded individuals made this the best surf trip by far. Euphoria happened not the way I planed it and that’s the way I like it. Stay stoked!

The water clarity. What?! Can’t beat it. On the calmer days it’s like sitting in an aquarium. On those windy days it’s murky. Sharks love murk. All the stories I heard, told of “no worries” on the landlords. As the natural world of Dominican Republic is the beauty, the beast would have to be the moto conches. Moto conches, you ask. It’s a guy driving around town on a little motorcycle giving people, primarily tourists, rides from one end to the other for about $1.50US equivalent. And it’s not just one guy, it’s a whole mafia. If you employ the use of one of these guys make sure to keep your knees in. I did and all was ok. One more thing, hold your breath. The pollution from all the vehicles is probably one of the most deadliest things encountered here. Something interesting happens with the moto conche mafia. When leaving the bars at night the mild mannered drivers offering friendly rides turn into crazed drug dealers. What ever you want weed, cocaine, crack is offered repeatedly. I employed the ignore them technique and it worked well, but hey I’m big dude and that helps too. Remember when walking back from a bar/s at night don’t let the whores reach into your pockets or take your watch. Drinking and walking in Cabarete after hours is an act best played on your toes, no doubt.

The days were filled with surfing from about 7 or 9 am depending on how late the previous nights festivities rolled on. Hopefully 7am was the arrival time to the beach. During my first several days the early morning high tide caused the waves to not come together. Somewhere around noon the tide hit the perfect spot for the waves to do their thing. Only thing was, the Trade Winds would pick up around the same time. One day the wind was on it from dawn till after dark. That was photo day. The size of the waves ranged from chest to couple feet over head almost everyday. When the North Swell arrived things looked up. Barrels everywhere. One guy came in with a five stringer gunnish longboard snapped in half. Yeah it was a rush. I picked off a couple on my 9-0. Surfed it hard got some fun off the tops and what not. Was stoked to do so as I’m usually sliding causally on my big boy single fin back home in Florida. The walls were abundant as the swell rose up causing the waves to close out more. After a while there were only certain waves letting people in. I set up for a fast tapering shoulder on a double overhead drop hoping to be set up on a good line before the waves hit the reef. As I dropped the wave went sub surface and the radical change of the curve in the wave face caused me to have a clean pearl. If pearls are ever clean. I looked up towards the massive wall transforming into a pitching lip then gapping barrel. The gapping tunnel looked incredibly beautiful as the light blue faded into a darker edge highlighted by white and shimmering light. When the split second of appreciation was over I knew a spin in the washing machine was inevitable. As I kicked off the reef I realized how much juice these guys had. Pushing my big body down some ten to fifteen feet is some power.

I wrapped 2006 with a super busy work schedule and was overly ready to take time off to surf where ever. California and the Dominican Republic were high on the list. Cold water at home in Florida’s Central Gulf Coast kept me from traveling to a destination which would require the use of rubber. Dominican Republic was the choice this year and a good choice it was. As the time drew near to making the final choice on who’s going to be a part of the trip this year it came down to none. This year I was flying solo. Interesting, I thought as there would only be me there to do what ever. Cool. I was open to it.

After six days of surfing, paddling miles I’m sure, my body was done. My left shoulder and elbow were screaming for rest popping at every opportunity. I usually surf spots where the paddle is long but not hard. Here in Dominican Republic the paddle is hard and long. When I go on surf trips I employ my philosophy of surf smart and don’t over work yourself if you don’t have too. Once again, here in Dominican Republic no matter how smart I was hoping to be I still got a work out. A big one at that.

The trip being a solo job for me I was open to anything, primarily meeting like minded people which were heavy into surfing allowing some kind of discipline in regards to not partying too hard at night. Too hard is interpreted differently by everyone depending on your tolerance to any mental altering substance liquid or other. I planned on sitting in my room reading, writing, and what ever anything but drinking beers into the night. Some how the community vibe at the Ali’s/Cabarete Surf Camp created energy which everyone flowed with quite well during my entire stay.

After doing some research about DR I found several places to stay and the town of Cabarete was closest to where I wanted to be. Ali’s/Cabarete Surf Camp was the only place to complete communication with me and so got the nod for the place to rest my head during my one week stay. The camp’s located about ten to fifteen minutes to the closest breaks and provide a multi time, daily transportation to and from Playa Encuentro, the nearest surf beach. Can’t beat it. Antonio and Elena who take care of all your needs while at the camp help Ali (the man) run this chill vibed place. Antonio once a week takes people to Playa Grande about one hour east of Cabarete to experience and surf the more remote areas of DR.