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If you've made it past the Estate of the Urn Witch, you'll probably have noticed a rather strange-looking grid that features a number of pots in the Garden of Love – a relatively easy-to-find Garden that's found southwest of the Urn Witch's Manor.

Here, you'll find yourself in the roof of the hallway. Now cross the wooden beams as you head towards the back of the room, where you'll find the Old Photograph in the middle of the floor.

How to Find the Old Photograph to Reveal the Pot Puzzle Solution

With that said, you can find the Old Photograph after lighting a brazier that's found in a hallway when exploring the eastern side of the Ceramic Manor. Upon lighting the brazier with your Flame Spell, a secret passage will open, and a ladder will be revealed, climb the newly unlocked ladder.

This page is part of IGN's Death's Door Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about solving the Garden of Love pot puzzle that leads you to Pothead's secret garden!

As you can see in our puzzle solution above, you will need to break the pots in the order and locations marked in the image. Depending on the weapons you have unlocked, we recommend using the Rogue Daggers as they provide the shortest range and will likely prevent you from accidentally breaking additional pots. If you do happen to make a mistake, wait a few seconds, and any pots that you have broken will eventually reset.

“I love what flowers represent. Flowers are happy, and typically sent in celebration of something beautiful. Much like cannabis, flower arrangements are meant to be shared and spread happiness and joy into the world.

Lovepot officially launched in Las Vegas on September 18th, and rolled out Los Angeles fresh delivery one month later. Fresh flower bouquets are only available for delivery in those two cities for now, but dried arrangements can be shipped nationwide. Smokable hemp buds included in all. And there’s much more to come. As Iny puts it, “Lovepot hasn’t even began to scratch the surface of using and sending pot in loving ways.”

She put the notion on the backburner, and kept working with different brands on different projects. When the pandemic started in early 2020, Iny moved back to Las Vegas to be with family. It was there, during a particular smoke sesh, that she experienced an entrepreneurial epiphany.

Ultimately, Iny found women growers who understood her vision and respected the care she wished to take with these bouquets. Though she works with multiple licensed farms across the country to be able to deliver fresh buds nationwide, the primary sourcing partner is an all-women grow in Nevada. They spent months identifying which strain would work best, and what harvest time would make the most sense.

Rather, the idea of Lovepot crystallized. Iny still had the hardest part in front of her: figuring out how to get high-quality hemp shipped and assembled with the rest of the flowers in a way that would keep it both pretty and smokeworthy. When she first started reaching out to growers, they couldn’t understand why she wanted fresh, hand-trimmed hemp.

“It was difficult to get strain and timing to align,” says Iny. “We had to find a balance between when the flower is budding and before the leaves start to fall away for the most aesthetically beautiful Lovepot stem possible.”

“It was 4/2/2020,” recalls Iny. “I was stoned, and it hit me: I could create these arrangements out of hemp to avoid the headaches associated with THC. The pandemic created this opportunity to innovate how we give gifts, and there are very little gift businesses created for this market that are also able to be shipped nationwide. I phoned my childhood friend, Jessica Marshall, who had an established flower business in Las Vegas, and Lovepot was born.”

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The Secret Ingredient is Love Pot Holder Oven Mitt Gift for. This pot holder adds the perfect touch to any kitchen! *Dimensions: 9 inches x 7 inches *Thick polyester quilting with a rubber bottom so it stays in place. *A sturdy, stitched-in loop hanger allows you to hang the potholder for decor and easy access. *Four colors available – black, gray, red, and. This pot holder adds the perfect touch to any kitchen! 。*Dimensions: 9 inches x 7 inches。*Thick polyester quilting with a rubber bottom so it stays in place.。*A sturdy, stitched-in loop hanger allows you to hang the potholder for decor and easy access.。*Four colors available – black, gray, red, and turquoise.。*Choose to buy the pot holder individually or purchase it as a gift set.。*****Cookie mix flavors will vary******。See our “kitchen” section for more pot holder designs!。

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