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joey weed seeds

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10 regular seeds – $57.00 (U.S.)

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What does anyone think about Joeys C99? i heard a lot of negative things about his seeds but just want verification. thanks

Another great thing about this variety is it’s exceptionaly low odor. It has very little smell while it’s growing and it smells kind of citrus like or a faint lemon lime scent. If you were worried about stinking up your house or apartment, this will help keep you safe. The high produceed is out of this world! I would call it a super up high, the type that makes you want to do things and laugh like a loon. It’s spacey and very cerebral. If you want something that will impress your friends this is it.

Cindy is easy to clone and will root readily. I’ve successfully cloned her even from cuttings taken after two weeks of flowering. Cloning is the way to go and after you pick out your favorite female plant use the clone from her to be the clone mother.

White Widow This is the F2 made from seed stock I got from Green House in Holland in the late 90’s shortly after it had won the cannabis cup. It has been a long time favorite of many growers. Some people have said that the WW sold by Green House today is not the same as what they offered years ago. Enough people demanded the original version that I decided to come out with this. Consider it WW from days gone by. White Widow is a cannabis cup winner that has won multiple times. It has incredibly frosty buds so covered with trichomes that it looks like it’s got snow on it. The trichomes themselves have long stalks making the buds look furry. It’s a good yielder and amazingly potent. I saw a report saying white widow was analyzed by a laboratory at 19.5% thc. It has been used to create Blue Widow, White Russian and other heavyweights which pays tribute to it’s phenomenal qualities. Veg for 4 to 8 weeks and then flower for 8 to 10 weeks. It can grow tall so top it or bend it in veg to keep it short indoors. It like lots of light and medium ferts, heavier in late flower.

Indoor / Outdoor
This is the blueberry I’ve been using in my blue crosses such as Blue Apollo and others. I got it originally from DJ Short a few years back and am offering it in an F2 form. Blueberry is a high yielder with the soaring blueberry high and delicious blueberry smell. It gives large buds that are rock solid. Blueberry has been a favorite of many growers for years now and has won many awards. Your mouth will be watering every time you tend your plants. Try to wait until they finish before you sample some, I know it will be hard to wait. The blueberry moms have blue/purple stems particularly in the seedlings and the leaves or buds also tend to turn a bluish shade at the finish. Both blueberry and A11 are hardy vigorous plants with very nice buds. I expect this one to be a winner. Top them in veg so they stay short for you at the finish. I recommend a not too strong nute schedule. If you are growing in bubblers try a tds of 800 or 900 max. In soil use a little less than you use on your other plants.

Indoor flowering 8 to 10 weeks

Indoor flowering: 8 to 9 weeks

Indoor / Outdoor
A unlabelled mix of Joey strains.

Indoor / Outdoor
More info to come.

Indoor flowering: 50 days

No sufficient information like email or phone number available for direct questions or concerns. The company does not have a website either.

Joey Weed website does not have a website as of now. Their exposure to different seed banks serves as their online presence. Some of the popular cannabis seeds of this famous breeder include AK47 F2, Cinderella 99, Apollo 11, Northern Light, Sugar blossom, and Blueberry.

Joey Weed takes good care of their reputation as a breeder so they only have exclusive distribution of their weed seeds. They choose trusted and reputable seed banks to carry their seeds.

What we don’t like about Joey Weed

You may contact the customer service details of their partner seed banks since Joey Weed does not have a website or any contact information online.

Joey Weed does not have any website at the moment. If you want to order their famous cannabis seeds, you have to deal with one of their trusted seed bank partners such as Hemp Depot and THC Farmer.

Some of the seed banks carrying Joey Weed marijuana seeds include Hemp Depot and THC Farmer. Partner seed banks are exclusive. These seed banks carry the best genetics of Joey Weed seeds. Shipping terms depend on the seed bank you’ll be ordering the seeds from. They may partner with seed banks that ship to USA.

Hemp Depot and THC Farmer accept major credit and debit cards like MasterCard and Visa. Cash payments are also accepted and money order. For specific details visit the websites of these seed banks today.