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i love growing marijuana reviews

These fertilizers are all sold individually or as a pack. While it’s up to you, I’d suggest buying them altogether.

However, with ILGM, delivery is not a concern.

Its mix of fruity, citrusy strains are delicious on the tongue and create a great smoke.

Where Is ILGM Located?

Yes. ILGM seeds are very good. All ILGM seeds are bred in-house. This means you are buying your seeds from the source and not a third party. ILGM seeds have excellent germination rates and glowing customer reviews.

All you have to do is let them know what happened and that you’ve tried the recommended steps. Then, they will work with you directly to help you return your seeds and get brand-new ones at no cost.

Robert Bergman and ILGM breed their own strains as well as work with hand-picked breeders to stock some of the highest quality strains on the market.

To keep everything safe, protected, and discreet, ILGM offers stealth shipping options.

However, plants from these seeds are smaller compared to regular ones. The ILGM auto-flowering category includes Northern Lights, White Widow, Amnesia Haze, Autoflower Mixpack, Ak-47, and Blueberry. Follow this link to learn more about the best auto-flowering seeds available.

Visit for more cannabis growing tips and seed bank reviews.

Although they offer high-quality seeds, their strain selection is quite limited. They only have 80 options to choose from. However, individuals without a specific strain in mind will easily find an acceptable strain to suit their needs. Seeds offered include feminized, auto-flowering, and fast flowering.

These pictures also help notify customers about any potential issues with their plant. The company’s reviews are positive, and they’re mostly praised for supplying high-quality seeds and fast delivery times.

Also, note that they offer ILGM mix packs consisting of three different strains. Their themes are based on name, flavor, growing conditions, and buds’ color. This mix pack is an excellent option for those who’re unsure of what they want to grow and have space to grow several plants.

They seem to run a decent show and have a significant following. It’s not likely they tired to RIP you off on purpose.

I’ve had a real bad experience from them, not going into detail, but it seems he has his chick running the show sometimes


I’ll check them out from time to time just to cross reference info.

Good genetics. if they ever really send them or make it to your door. I got nothing but 1 pack of many that I ordered and a lot of talk, excuses & promises between. Long story short, I had to chase my cash for over 4 months. It wasnt until I became a thorn in their side before they refunded.
Their stealth is garbage and laughable at best. I dont make a habit of getting on here dissing folks or companies. but these poop stains at ILGM deserve nothing less. Unless you are in the NL, save your cash or buy elsewhere.

Never made any purchases there.