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how to seed a lawn full of weeds

A lawn full of weeds is not a pretty sight. Add in some brown and bare patches, and it’s all pretty depressing. But don’t worry – you can repair it and have a beautiful green lawn.

Below are some simple tips for repairing an ugly lawn. Before you start, it’s worth remembering that repairing a lawn takes time and patience. There’s no quick fix. However, take it step by step, follow these instructions and you’ll have a lawn to be proud of.

6 tips on repairing a lawn full of ugly weeds

Timing is also important. It’s best to start the process of repairing your lawn in spring or autumn, when it’s a little cooler. If it’s too hot or cold, it’ll be much harder for you to get the beautiful lawn you are after.

Once your lawn is nice and green, we recommend hiring a professional lawn care company to help you maintain it to keep it weed-free. Our top recommendation goes to industry leader TruGreen.

TruGreen offers five different annual plans for your lawn care needs, offering a range of services. Plans come with the TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee®, promising full-program customers that a TruGreen specialist will return to your home as many times necessary to resolve your issues.

Restoring a Lawn Full of Weeds in 10 Steps

We recommend using two different types of spreaders. For the majority of the work, you should use a broadcast spreader because they distribute seed evenly, allowing for thorough coverage. But you’ll want to use a drop spreader around the edges of garden beds to make sure you don’t inadvertently drop seed into them.

Now, you can apply your soil amendment to ready your soil for the grass seed or sod.

Keep in mind that herbicides can kill whatever plant life they come into contact with—even if the label says otherwise—so handle with care. If your aim is to re-establish your lawn, as we recommend, killing your existing, thinning grass isn’t a big deal, since you will need to start fresh anyway.

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