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how to grow weed from seed without lights

Growing cannabis doesn’t have to be a huge investment. With the right tips, you can reduce the cost of your cannabis grow room/garden and grow top-shelf weed on a budget.

Cutting the costs for your next grow can be a lot easier than it might seem. Below are a few simple tips to help you save money when growing weed, indoors or out.

General Money-Saving Tips for Cannabis Growing

When you buy seeds from a respected seed bank, you’re paying for guaranteed quality. Established seed banks have teams of dedicated breeders and growers constantly working to improve their genetics. That means, after germinating your seeds, you can rest assured the plants in your garden will grow strong and healthy (given the right care, of course) and reward you with good yields of top-shelf bud.

While it might seem counterintuitive to buy seeds when you’ve got the chance to grow bagseed for free, investing in quality cannabis seeds from the get-go has the potential to save you money (and stress) in the long-run.

Keep in mind, however, that cloning also comes at a cost. In order to get good results, you’ll want to take your clones from a robust, healthy mother plant, which you’ll need to keep in constant vegetation. Keeping a mother requires space, a constant 18/6 light cycle, and plenty of fertiliser. But, in return, you’ll get the opportunity to take numerous clones from your mother every few weeks, potentially for years to come.


Another method postage stamp gardeners often use is to plant several seeds in one larger container and to thin them as they grow and crowd each other. Both methods work well.

You don’t need expensive grow bulbs. Natural light is the key to growing pot indoors.

Supplemental Light


Most articles and books about growing marijuana discuss methods of cultivating the plant indoors under artificial lights or planting outdoors. But there is another alternative growing marijuana indoors with natural light. If Pot is one of mother nature’s favorite natural healing plant that surely natural light has sustained its existence long before the commercialization of the indoor grow bulb industry.

Southeastern and southwestern exposures provide the most sunlight followed by southern, eastern and western. But a northern exposure is adequate if the garden is given supplemental light from an incandescent grow bulb or small fluorescent unit.


Timing is of the essence. As explained in Step 1 your plant needs plenty of sunlight for healthy plant growth. Therefore, do not grow your plant in the winter.

This way of growing is also called window farming and is very popular in Canada, America and Australia. The popularity is not surprising when you look at the advantages of growing without grow lights.

Your plant will start looking for light, grow too high and branches will become thin. Not exactly a stable basis for a healthy cannabis plant that can grow big buds. So choose your spot with care.

Step 5: Plan the start

After you have found a suitable spot, it is time to orient yourself on a suitable variety. Since you are going to grow weed without the aid of lamps, we advise you to choose a variety that flowers automatically and for a short time. Such a strain is called an autoflower.

Can a weed plant grow without light? No. A cannabis plant needs light. In fact, next to water, light is the most important element for a successful growth and bloom.

During the growth phase, it should at no time be warmer than 29 degrees in your grow room. For the flowering phase, the maximum temperature is 26 degrees.

Below 20 degrees, the plant gets too cold and gets stressed. Prevent that. A stressed plant grows less well, which you will eventually see reflected in your harvest.