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how to get your own weed strain

When you buy new strains, you are confident that the seeds that you will be taking home to grow have been thoroughly tested. These seeds are viable, which means that they will be ready to sprout. Also, a strain that’s already in the market may have already been tested, cataloged, and rated for quality. Why be particular about all these? Because you wouldn’t want to waste your money on worthless seeds or non-viable seeds.

One of the disadvantages of creating your own cannabis variant is costing you more money as compared to just purchasing in a seed bank or on online sites. Apart from having to complete the resources needed to grow your plants like soil, fertilizer, pots, and seeds. You will also have to pay for electricity and water, and not to mention, dealing with any problems which may arise: pests, nutrient deficiencies/toxicities, molds, etc.

Pros and Cons of Buying New Strains

Take note that you may need to breed parent strains several times to get the trait/characteristics you want in cannabis. Consider not just the financial costs of growing cannabis but also your invested time and effort in making new strains.

Some tips for an economic cannabis breeding project

Finally, you must need your strains tested for potency. Naturally, you want a potent strain, right? You want a strain that’s powerful and enduring whether you crave a recreational or medicinal strain. Although professional testing is expensive, you may use a home testing kit or perhaps have your strains personally tested by friends, for subjective reviews like flavor, effects, and vigor. Professional testing is standardized testing, it is costly but totally worth it.

Sometimes an F1 cross between two unrelated inbred plants can produce undesirable or surprising results, but growers are often rewarded with better vigor and uniformity from F1 crosses.

The process of picking males for a breeding program is time-consuming and you’ll need to keep great notes about each offspring of a male plant in order to learn what silent traits the male plant is carrying for its female offspring.

“Unstabilized” strains carry more than one common phenotype (sometimes many). What that means is you can get two plants of the same strain, but they can display different phenotypes (they may look and grow completely differently from each other).

For example, the strain “Aurora Indica” (↗) is actually an F1 cross between a specific Afghan x Northern Light plant. These same two plants are bred over and over again to make more Aurora Indica seeds. As an F1 cross, all Aurora Indica plants get to benefit from hybrid vigor.

(1) Parent generation
(2) F1 generation
(3) F2 generation

Heavily inbred (gone thorough several generations of back-crossing and/or breeding between closely related plants)

When it comes to selecting for potency, I recommend choosing to breed the plants that produce the mental and physical effects you like. If you’re only breeding plants that you like, the potency will take care of itself and you’ll end up with better and better buds over time.

Maybe it’s not every growers ambition to start their own seed company – and nobody’s saying you should. Though it can be pretty cool to create your own cannabis strain. Just imagine you’d be the one creating the next Tangerine G13 or Amnesia Haze – or another legendary, award-winning weed variety.

Obviously, only select male cannabis plants with a nice structure and a healthy root system. If possible, cut off a few branches in search of hollow stems. As a hollow stem in weed plants is often an indicator for high THC-production in the plants.

Crossing Weed Strains

What strain would you choose to cross your own variety with?

Selecting the ideal female cannabis plant is easier than selecting males. As you can truly judge the fruits before you put in the labor. To guarantee a stable plant, try growing her out of seeds and cultivate it from clone too. Thereafter, you can choose the characteristics you like to see in your own creation(s). Be sure to take aroma, structure, flowering time, esthetics, taste and effect into account – as those are the most important elements to look for in a good cannabis plant. Logically, only select the best of the best females to create your own weed seeds with.

About three hours after fertilization, it is time to deactivate the leftover pollen on the plant. You can do that by simply spraying your plant with water. Be sure to change your clothes and have a shower after this, before you place the fertilized female back in the room.