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how do you make feminized pot seeds

The most common technique used to cause stress to female plants was known as “Light Poisoningor light stress. It’s easy, you just have to use irregular photoperiods, or often interrupt the night cycle of female cannabis plants during flowering.

With colloidal silver there are also several spray applications during the night cycle in some of the first days of the flowering cycle. The silver used in this method, or in the STS technique, is a heavy metal that can be toxic. It is therefore important to cover the substrate so that possible droplets from the sprayed leaves do not wet the soil.

If you want to make your own feminized seeds, I recommend you the STS method, it is the most used for some reason. You have to be careful not to inhale the gases it produces, protecting yourself with a mask, safety goggles and gloves for its manipulation, but it is the most effective technique. It is surprising to see an elite clone bloom as a male after having grown it many times as a female, I invite you to try it.

? Are there other ways to produce feminized cannabis seeds?

If you have already accomplished this step and your only concern is to know how to extract feminized seeds from a cannabis plant, I am going to explain it to you briefly.✍

The females chosen to be reverted to male have to undergo a number of tests to prove that they are suitable for reversion. These tests are based on the resistance and sexual purity of the selected specimens and basically they try to induce different types of stress. Only plants that stay fully female will pass the test and then they can be considered good breeding tools.

Yes, there are, although not as effective and reliable as with STS, so we do not recommend them. But if you want to know other ways to make 100% feminine seeds of your favorite weed I’ll tell you. First of all you have to understand that all techniques are based on stressing a female plant to revert its sex to male, so it can produce flowers with which it can pollinate another female.

This way of producing 100% feminine seeds with gibberellic acid was published by the great Robert Connell Clarke in his magnificent book “Marijuana Botany”. With this method several applications must be done during a period of 5 or 7 days. The biggest problem with gibberellic acid technique is its instability, since a very precise dose is needed to be effective, around 100 PPM. It is also common that each variety may need a different dose, so not many people use it nowadays.

Those who want to tell as soon as possible whether a plant is male or female can look at how quickly the plants are maturing and how tall they grow. For the most part, the male plants are going to be taller than the female plants. This makes it easier for them to get the pollen to the female plants, as it can simply fall below to the female plants that are close by. However, this is not 100%, so if the grower is unsure, they should wait until the plants are starting to produce buds to tell the difference between them.

Buying feminized high thc seeds is still the best option for those who want to minimize the work needed to have all female plants or for those who do not have the time or ability to feminize seeds at home. Those who do want to try feminizing seeds can try some of the most popular methods available today.

Understanding the Sexes for Marijuana Plants

Basically, for this technique, it’s necessary to keep the female plants in the flowering phase for a lot longer than usual. Instead of harvesting the flowers, leave the plants alone. The plants should start to stress and create female pollen. When the pollen sacs emerge, collect the pollen and use it to pollinate younger female plants.

This method is often the easiest because it relies on the natural tendencies of female marijuana plants. However, it’s not always going to lead to feminized seeds. For one, the plants may not go through this stress period, even if everything is done right to encourage it. And, even if the plants do produce the pollen, it won’t necessarily lead to feminized seeds.

The regular seeds that come un-feminized generally turn into half male and half female plants, but an unlucky grower might have a batch that turns out to mostly grow into male plants. This would mean, if they don’t want their female plants to produce seeds, they’ve got to dispose of most of the plants that grow during that batch. This leads to a much smaller harvest than they might have expected.

Feminized seeds come from two female plants being bred together, causing all offspring to be female

So how do seed banks feminize their seeds? How can you breed two female plants together?

What about gibberellic acid? I’ve seen with my own eyes that the colloidal silver method works for making feminized seeds, but I don’t personally know anyone who has tried making feminized seeds with gibberellic acid. From what I understand it can be used exactly the same way as colloidal silver to induce female plants to produce pollen, but I’m not sure exactly how to prepare a gibberellic acid solution that works consistently.

Step-By-Step Instructions (with pics!)

How do you force a female plant to make pollen?