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The sexual wellness cannabis brand has inked a deal with Rose LifeScience, a cannabis producer and distributor backed by Tilray. High On Love creates gorgeous CBD and cannabis sexual wellness products that are so pretty you'll want to display them on your nightstand right next to your perfume. Here, writer Sophie St. Thomas reviews a few of them and explains why cannabidiol has a place in a healthy sex life. Experience new highs and pleasures like never before with CBD infused massage oils, lubricants, candles & more | Shop now

Sexual Wellness Specialist High On Love Launches THC Line, Creates Joint Venture

The 2-year-old sexual wellness cannabis brand has inked a deal with Rose LifeScience, a cannabis producer and distributor backed by larger cannabis company Tilray, to spread its products worldwide. The deal allows Angela Mustone, founder of High on Love, to retain the trademark for the brand. She and Rose LifeScience will split ownership of High on Love evenly. Both companies are headquartered in Québec.

“It’s exactly what I wanted because I’m very much hands-on,” says Mustone. “I like to do everything from thinking about stuff to bringing it to market, so I did not want a licensing agreement that was going to have something with my High On Love name on it that I wasn’t going to be part of it.”

High on Love is already building its brand outside of Canada. It’s launching THC versions of its bestselling cannabis seed oil-infused sexual health products in the Colorado market this month. While California is largest cannabis market in the United States, High on Love is entering Colorado because of a partnership with Boulder-based cannabis processor and manufacturer WHT LBL, which was able to score immediate distribution for the brand at 700 dispensaries in the state.

High On Love’s THC range will feature the brand’s hero product, Stimulating O Oil, with 300 milligrams of THC. Mustone has also created pre-rolls that will contain a weed strain called Good in Bed. In addition, she’s introducing a THC-infused lip product to High on Love’s Colorado lineup. The brand’s assortment includes Lip Gloss for Couples with cannabis seed oil, which is designed to plump the lips and enhance foreplay by increasing sensitivity in the body’s intimate areas.

The $22 lip gloss is known for its distinctive bedazzled rose gold tube. However, in Colorado, High on Love had to adjust the packaging because THC products are required to be child-resistant by law. Mustone looked into making the original eye-catching tube compliant with the law, but the price for it was too steep. She exclaims, “It was $50,000 just for the mold. Another company wanted about $100,000. I was like, ‘Are you crazy?’” In the end, Mustone moved forward with a lip balm instead of a gloss that has shatter, a cannabis extract combining weed plant materials and solvents, and is housed in child-resistant glass.

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Sexual wellness brand High on Love is introducing THC versions of its bestselling cannabis seed oil-infused sexual health products in the Colorado market this month.

This year has been a rollercoaster for Mustone and her brand. High on Love’s sales were down 85% at the beginning of the pandemic in the spring before picking back up in the summer. High on Love has faced production delays due to manufacturers focusing on hand sanitizers. To help buoy the brand’s sales, Mustone has been safeguarding timely deliveries by airfreighting merchandise.

“Pre-COVID, production could be a couple of weeks. Now, we’re looking at six to eight weeks. All the carriers are charging huge premiums,” says Mustone, noting airfreight that previously cost $3 a kilo is up to $10 a kilo. The founder has pre-booked 2021 purchase orders for High on Love’s Stimulating O Oil from its lab to ensure it has inventory. She says, “That’s my No. 1 bestseller, and I’ve never had of stock.”

COVID-19 has had a positive impact on High on Love’s retail footprint. The brand secured distribution with Urban Outfitters, and other retailers Mustone hadn’t had much success pitching prior to the pandemic have been reaching out to her to carry her brand since the pandemic took root. “Before, they said my stuff was too expensive, but, now, they want expensive stuff. Now, they want luxury and premium because people are not spending money how they used to. They want something that is extra special,” she says. “I’m not going to complain. I did see an increase in sales, and I’m very pleased with that.”

High On Love Makes the Most Delicious CBD Lube I’ve Ever Tried

High On Love makes CBD and cannabis wellness products that will make your vagina feel luxuriously pampered. The company’s founder, Angela Mustone, brings 17 years of experience working with sexual wellness products such as toys and lubricants. When she asked her company’s chemist about her dream of adding cannabis to sexual stimulants, she tells Allure, “We owe it to ourselves,” as she was told that the ingredient is “the holy grail,” and I happen to agree. Now, her former dream is a reality, and she’s created a gorgeous line with high-end CBD products (and THC-infused products are even available in some markets).

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Let’s get this out of the way: The brand’s packaging is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Rather than going for a crunchy aesthetic, High on Love has opted for a chic, upscale vibe, and everything it sells comes in bottles so elegant you’ll want to put them on display. The brand sells a CBD-only line (which I reviewed for this article) made with hemp seed oil for those in non-legal states, as well as a cannabis line complete with THC for legal states (edible chocolate body paint that’ll give you a buzz, anyone?).

It’s true that right now, CBD is trendy. While this means cannabis is rightfully becoming destigmatized, it also means the ingredient is everywhere and in everything. While we need more research, current evidence suggests that CBD can aid in pain relief, stimulate blood blow, and act as an anti-inflammatory. Before you buy a hemp product, however, it’s still important to check where it comes from, and all of High On Love’s hemp comes from Canada and is made with natural ingredients.

Most of High On Love’s current product line is created for people with vulvas, which is a part of the body with mucus membranes — perfect for absorbing CBD. When I rubbed Stimulating O’Gel onto my clit — one to two pumps, as directed — it began to tingle. Then, after waiting five minutes, I grabbed my favorite wand vibrator and essentially came my face off. The O’Gel is water-based, and Mustone says it doubles as a latex-friendly lubricant (avoid anything oil-based in conjunction with condoms as it degrades latex).

High On Love also sells Stimulating Orgasm Oil, which when applied, felt like a vaginal massage. This isn’t a bad thing. Before using, I ran a hot bath filled with the brand’s Sensual Bath Oil. I was on my period and experiencing heavy cramps, and the pain-relieving properties of CBD are perfect for periods. The bath was just what I needed. After I got out, I applied the orgasm oil and felt glamorous as hell. I was relaxed, moisturized, and my cramps were subdued. Was it the warm bath or the hemp seed oil? Does it matter? I (and my vagina) felt fantastic. Such wellness products are not only extra lovely when you’re on your period, but Mustone says are just the ticket for menopausal people or those who experience pain and dryness during penetrative sex.

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Perhaps the most brilliant product, however, is its Chocolate Body Paint. Why is it brilliant? Well, for those who like to enjoy their cannabis sexual wellness products with some, well, cannabis, you can lick chocolate off your partner’s body when you have the munchies. You don’t even need a partner, I applied some chocolate body paint on my hands and enjoyed it all by myself. Likewise, while the Sensual Massage Oil is a sure way to a happy ending on date night, you can also use it alone like I did, and give yourself a foot massage while watching Netflix.

Mustone, who aims to apply her sexual wellness experience in all that she does, says soon High On Love will also sell lip gloss (for fellatio, of course), a massage candle, body cream, and eventually a sex toy. These upcoming additions not only spread the love but create more products for people of all bodies and genders. And of course, like the entire High On Love line, they promise to be vegan and cruelty-free.

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