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herbies seeds closed

Your seeds arrive in discreet packaging, even keeping those in your household unaware of the beauty you’ve purchased.

Herbies ensures quality and clarity, providing detailed product descriptions and all the information you would need about their seeds.

However, I have always relied on their secure debit card methodology without any issue.

Discounts/Promotions – 5/5

This can be extremely helpful for those with specific questions and weeding out the helpful information from not.

Herbies promises to process your order within 24 hours of you placing it and paying for it to help ensure a speedy delivery process.

Before I wrap up this review, I’ve answered a few common questions you may have about Herbies Seeds.

Every order comes in a discreet DVD case to help avoid any suspicion and deliver a stress-free shipment.

They put my seeds in a bag of bird seeds which fooled me at first but j ultimately found it hilarious.

Place my ordered on 5th July, items Received on 3rd August. But some how the Package was opened maybe by customs or something. But still it's get all i ordered haven't tried growing yet. hope they will germinate. Thanks Herbies seeds.

Funny packaging

Satisfied with the shipment. got it within 10 days. Good customer service as well👌. Got extra seeds, stickers, a tube container, and a scarf also with discrete shipping. Highly recommended. Hope to purchase more in the future. ✌

So far, not a great experience.

Thank you for the review. That's no problem, we are happy to know that everything arrived in a good condition, and wish you best of luck with your hobby

Have used Herbies many times including since moving to Spain

– Serious Retailer
– Nice Customer Service, Quick response
– Quick delivery with tracking number
– Great Stealth technique no extra cost
– Seed quality depends on the breeders but overall most of my seeds germinate 70% on average(maybe because I always buy a couple of clearances that might be old stock)
– Always have tons of clearances and breeders offers(freebies, %off) that cumulates with their freebies, so with any order(even 1 seed you sure to get at least 2-3 freebies, I usually get at least 10-12 freebies, thanks to that I discovered some amazing strains and breeders I would not have looked into otherwise
– the only downside is that the prices are a bit higher compared to other retailers but its worth it because you get a ton of great quality freebies

guest Australia, December 2019

One more order if good stay if not bay lads.

VERY EXPENSIVE! Better/cheaper places to buy

I received superb customer service from Herbies. I ordered March 28,and I received my order today. Quick and discreet. I called Herbies and was speaking to an actual person, that is unheard of in todays day and age. My questions were answered and dealt with in a quick, polite, and efficient manner. THANK-YOU, Herbies!