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GYO does offer free seeds to their customers, and the more the order costs, the more free seeds will be included. One unique aspect of their free seed offer is that the customer can actually choose which seeds they would like.

It’s certainly possible that whenever one brand starts amassing negative reviews and losing customers, the parent company simply starts a new one under a new name and keeps operating as usual. This makes it harder for customers to keep track of which brands are trustworthy newcomers and which are just the latest in a long line of alternate identities from a bad brand.

To round out this comprehensive review of GYO Seeds, it has to be said that it’s not a very good choice for anyone wanting to buy some cannabis seeds online and actually have confidence that they’re getting what they paid for.

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This level of changeable pricing has many customers worried about whether they’re actually getting the seeds that they ordered or not. After all, what would account for such a large difference in price if each seed bank was buying the same thing from the same breeder at the same standard wholesale price?

Because of their relative newness in the online cannabis seed reselling industry, GYO hasn’t had a lot of time to build up much of a reputation. However, since GYO Seedbank happens to be run by the same people who also run Bonza Seeds, The Single Seed Center, and possibly other seed bank brands, so some of the reputation of those businesses can be inferred to apply to GYO Seedbank as well.

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