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growing weed from seeds found in weed

You can grow some great plants with bagseed. Plants that yield amazing weed.

If you have a rooting gel, you can dip the ends of your cuttings in some gel to greatly increase the chance of successful rooting (and also to speed up the formation of roots). Using a gel is not necessary, though.

Are Bag Seeds Worth Growing?

And once those plants are ready for you to take cuttings, you will not need to take nearly as many (but you still want to take more than you think you will need) and the whole cloning process becomes much easier. You are now in a cycle where you will always have successful clones.

If you know someone who is already growing, lucky you!

So how do you get around that?

Growing marijuana takes a certain level of commitment: time, energy, and financial resources, so be sure you can commit to the whole process.

As mentioned above, you can skip the processing of sexing weed plants by growing with feminized seeds or clones.

This is sometimes referred to as “cloning by seed” and will not produce any male plants. This is achieved through several methods:

Was the seed found in good weed?

Marijuana seeds can be acquired from an array of sources and can vary in quality. For more info on how to buy marijuana seeds, check out our Guide to buying cannabis seeds.

Check out Johanna’s full video series on how to grow weed on Leafly’s YouTube .

Because they grow and flower quicker, growers can fit in multiple autoflower cannabis harvests into the span of one regular harvest.

However, a type of cannabis called Cannabis ruderalis, which developed in extreme northern conditions without much sunlight, will begin flowering once the plant reaches a certain age—they automatically start flowering regardless of the amount of light they receive, hence the name “autoflower.”

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