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great white shark weed seeds

This Super Skunk x White Widow hybrid combines the best traits of both strains: early flowering and abundant harvests of frosty and compact buds.

Great White Shark is a mostly Indica variety developed by Green House Seeds and available in Alchimiaweb’s catalogue of feminised seeds.

This cannabis strain has earned its reputation thanks to the strong effect, narcotic and sedative for both body and mind. The smell and taste are sweet and slightly fruity and floral.

It is ripe in around 9 weeks, yielding 500-800gr/m os drid buds in indoor grow rooms. Outdoors, it is usually ready by late September or early October.

Its extraordinary resin production makes it suitable for resin extractions.

GWS is ideal indoors staying relatively short and bushy. It is well suited to SOG or SCROG applications as it responds very well to training. Although it can be ready earlier, 9 weeks is recommended to develop its THC levels and turpenes properties to their fullest. By growing it to the full 9 weeks, you will also maximise the yield to 400g/m2+. Growing outdoors, harvest time is recommended as late September to early October and this rewards with a mighty 1kg per plant.

The buds are dense and super resinous emiting a scent that starts off strong and earthy, developing to a sweet fruity finish. Flowers are fairly compact and when allowed to finish to their full potential, there will be an absolute abundance of red hairs, covering the resinous crystalline buds. Due to its high leaf-to-bud ratio, during later stages of flowering some leaves may need trimming to allow for better access when harvesting and curing.

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Great White Sharks effects come on very fast with a strong but balanced indica body stone that is long lasting and deeply felt. THC levels are manageable between 15-18%, perfect for a relaxing day with some socializing or if you still have work that needs doing. It has excellent medical properties and is particularly useful for appetite stimulation and pain suppression.Its calming effect can also be of real benefit to those experiencing stress or anxiety .

One of our favourite classic indica crosses, we love GWS. Its wide medical uses mixed with excellent grow properties, staying short, great yields and its strong but not overpowering stone make it a great all-rounder deserving of its ‘Peacemaker’ nickname.

Great White Shark is a true heavyweight indica strain. The winner of multiple cannabis cups and also known as Peacemaker, it’s a potent cross of Super Skunk and White Widow. Hard Hitting with an outstanding taste, it delivers a strong but manageable body stone . Compact and easy to grow it’s a true classic for any grow room.

Delivering a smooth smoke and taste starting with its pleasant earth flavour and mixing with a nice fruity punch that’s not over-powering. When well cured the addition of sweet spicy flavours come to the front of the mouth and linger pleasantly as you relax with the effects.

Great White Shark marijuana may not be as deadly as its ocean-dwelling namesake, but its bite can be considered as strong. Fragrant with a complex aroma, its potency is better suited to consumers with experience with higher THC strains (Great White Shark has been known to tip the scales at 21% THC, though it can range as low as 12% in some cases).

Where fragrance is concerned, Great White Shark can be listed among the most aromatic – it’s distinctly pungent but also sweet, with definite notes of citrus to add to its complexity. The flavor is heavily skunky, though it comes across with strong bursts of citrus fruit to counterbalance its skunkiness.


Sativa dominant, Great White Shark marijuana makes for a decidedly happy-go-lucky experience that can turn the tides on even the most stressful of days. It has become a popular go-to among artistic types for the swirling creativity it can inspire. Equally suited to medical situations, Great White Shark can soothe your nerves and ease your worries, as well as release your body from chronic aches and pains.

Producing pungent aromas and potent effects, Great White Shark marijuana is a sativa-dominant will take a bite out of stress and chronic pain, and its impressive yield may just have you saying, “We’re going to need a bigger boat.”

Despite being relatively resistant to mold and mildew, growers with some experience in marijuana cultivation may have more luck with Great White Shark. This strain produces aromatic buds that are covered in crystals and orange pistils. It can be cultivated successfully both indoors and out, but many have discovered it’s easier to manage the medium-sized plants indoors, where nutrients can be closely monitored. Given 9 to 10 weeks flowering, you’ll be amazed by the incredible yield of Great White Shark marijuana.