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grape ape weed seeds

Jack D. (verified owner) – August 5, 2019

Being the result of crossing between three top-class strains, plants grown from Grape ape strain seeds will have unique properties visually as well as chemically. That is a potent strain with 90% Indica dominance & a THC value of above 20%. That makes it a weed that you would love to take at the end of the hectic day. Just like being difficult for beginners to grow, it is difficult for them to use as well. The striking feature of slow-onset & powerful effects can be misguiding, even for the experienced recreational users. The grape ape strain is excellent to overpower you after its little bit high dose due to its very high THC.

Effects of Grape Ape

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Candy is good! Grape flavored candy is better. Named not only for its grape aroma but for its grape flavor, this strain quenches your candy craving like cold grape juice on a dry summer day. A slight but sour lemon zestiness compliments a sweet berry follow thru across the palette. Delicious from start to finish you’ll never forget your first taste of this violet gorilla.

Despite its name, Grape Killer 99 does not harbor the violent tendencies that the name suggests. Parented by Killer Queen and Urkle, this balanced hybrid offers a lovely chilled out feeling with a creative stimulation and the same happy, relaxed euphoria of Grape Ape. The flavor is a little more earthy and berry like but does not disappoint smokers with any blandness or bitterness.

Hardly adverse, the strain does cause cottonmouth or “the pasties” as the cannabis community often refers to it as. Red eyes are also common. Experienced cannabis consumers know well that these reactions can be easily cured with water, preferably in the form of a slushy drink, and some eye drops.


Rather fast growing marijuana seeds, Grape Ape has been known to begin flower production in a little as five weeks leading to harvest within the eight week range. Rapid growth like that makes the strain a desirable plant to grow at home. As with all cannabis plants, the better you care for it the better it will thrive. Harvests of five hundred grams are not unheard of and that firmly places home cultivators in a position to consistently replenish their supply of fresh smokable flowers.

All growing environments are on the table with Grape Ape, however, she is best grown in a greenhouse. It is one of the more difficult strains for novice growers to be successful with due to its care requirements. Being a near pure indica strain the plant loves to stretch its limbs laterally and grow large thick fan leaves on top. This is where experience can really help this purplish powerhouse thrive. Trimming of the top canopy of fan leaves is highly recommended to allow for light penetration to the lower reaches. Rarely reaching over four feet in height gives the plant the ability to blend in well to outdoor gardens. Aside from regular trimming and pruning, Grape Ape does require consistent watering and feeding in order to achieve the best possible yields of fresh flowers.

This great Grape Ape isn’t the Hanna Barbara cartoon you may remember from childhood. It is known to hit as hard like a purple primate would but in a much less painful way. The presence of strong lineage the likes of Mendocino Purps, Skunk and an original Afghani strain gives it a distinct grape coloration and smell when growing. Leafly reports that Grape Ape is propagated by Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm, two legends in their own rights have combined forces to deliver a memorable experience that will leave you wanting more. Strangely, Grape Ape hasn’t received any awards considering its popularity but those who love the strain are very loyal to it and keep it ranked high as one of the most sought after indica strains in the USA. That popularity has also made it very easy to buy Grape Ape Fem strain seeds online.

With a 90:10 indica to sativa ratio, users of the strain can first and foremost expect a restful deep sleep. The powerful sedative effects are commonly used to alleviate insomnia but Grape Ape is also a fantastic pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Highly beneficial in treating symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and Arthritis. For those suffering from nausea or lack of hunger, this strain does produce the munchies. The heady euphoric feeling can ease symptoms of anxiety and stress as well making it ideal to cap the evening with for a pain free restful and restorative sleep.

Ideal for patients looking to treat stress and anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and lack of appetite with something all natural. With 21% THC, Grape Ape marijuana isn’t necessarily for first time patients, so go easy on it, or consider microdosing.

Grape Ape marijuana is beautiful in the garden, with dense, compact buds paired with deep purple leaves, a color that darkens as the plant matures. After a relatively short flowering period (between 55-65 days), Grape Ape is ready for harvest with indoor gardeners yielding upwards of 600g per plant.

Indica-rich Grape Ape marijuana seeds have a fruity flavor and are adept at easing stress and anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia. This high-THC strain isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is great for most growers!


Watching Grape Ape while high on Grape Ape? Inception. This indica-heavy strain (a combo of Skunk #1 and Afghani) is actually named for its grape-like smell rather than the fact that it’s reminiscent of the purple-hued primate, and it’s known best for its carefree and relaxing effects.

Add Grape Ape feminized marijuana seeds to your medicinal arsenal – order today!