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girl scout cookies weed seeds for sale

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized is a near perfect balance of indica and sativa. This comes through in the high, which is a powerful sense of relaxation, combined with a burst of euphoric energy.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized cannabis seeds, sometimes called GSC for short, boast a remarkable parentage – a mix of the legendary Durban Poison, and OG Kush.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized cannabis seeds are often called GSC for short. They have a notable genetic pool; OG Kush, and Durban Poison, arguably the most famous strain to emerge from Africa. The plants grow fairly tall (up to 250cm), but can be limited to 100cm when grown indoors.

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Girl Scout Cookies Feminized is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females..

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized will need an average flowering time to reach their full potential.

Effect, taste, and smell of Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

The colour of this strain is another desirable feature, with some phenotypes displaying light purple on the calyxes and a deeper purple on the leaves. If you’re lucky, you might even get some orange pistils too, and this, combined with the glittering white and gold resin glands, makes for a very attractive plant indeed.

Her flavor is outstanding and is a mixture of earthy, Cookies dough that lingers on the taste palate after every pull of a joint. A bold and complex flavor that has become a world favorite in recent years. Medical patients may find this strain useful for improving feelings of wellbeing, alleviating depression and an increase in motivation and appetite.

Experiencing this strain: Girl Scout Cookies feminized is one of our stronger hybrids testing in at 16-21% and will leave you in a dreamy state of euphoria, accompanied by a deep relaxing physical effect. She will boost creativity, meaning she is a wise choice for musicians, artists, writers and those who have a creative side.

Strain Characteristics: Girl Scout Cookies strain feminized seeds produce a tightly compact plant that will grow one main cola with thin side branches. She is a medium sized plant that will not grow too tall, meaning stretching is easy to control. Internodal space will be short meaning she is advised for growing closely together in a Sea of Green. Her structure will be more Indica dominant and as she flowers, expect thick, calyxes develop and stack up in a pointy fashion.

This lady has a very sticky resin profile and touching the dense buds during blooming will result in earthy, sweet, mildly spicy, Cookies dough fragrance. She does not require much maintenance and can even bloom in as little as 8 weeks, producing yields capable of 400-500 g/m² making her a great pick for commercial growers, hash makers and those new to growing Cannabis. During the final few weeks of flowering, expect this hybrid to reveal her true beauty as she matures with pinks, purples, and magenta hues.

Buy your Girl Scout Cookies strain feminized seeds online in the Nirvana Shop. World famous for her beautiful, cookie dough, sweet earthy buds and deeply relaxing state of euphoria, this frost machine quickly became popular and cleaned up with Cannabis Cups everywhere she was entered in.

What makes the Girl Scout Cookies strain feminized seeds a great choice: Award winning flavors ready in just 8-9 weeks, perfect for commercial growers, looking for a super reliable strain with a unique terpene profile. Well recommended for beginner growers and those who want to enjoy the very best in taste and effect.

Genetics: This hybrid will bring the best of both worlds, displaying hybrid vigor and then some! By combining the best O.G Kush with the South African landrace, we created a fast flowering hybrid that leans more on the Kush side, thanks to her Indica dominance. A tough plant that can withstand colder climates and will produce excellent results indoors and outdoors, with a superb resin, terpene profile and THC levels ranging from 16-21%. Girl Scout Cookies strain feminized seeds are perfect for beginner growers with limited space and those looking for a medium height plant.

Whether growing indoors or outdoors, Girl Scout Cookies needs to quench her thirst. Don’t let your plants be without water for long periods.

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When grown in optimal conditions indoors, Girl Scout Cookies seeds should finish flowering within 8-9-weeks. Depending on the phenotype, 63-days from the initiation of 12/12 will be adequate to produce a bounty of Girl Scout Cookies weed. However, always double-check with a microscope to ensure the trichomes are ripe.

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