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germinating weed seeds with hydrogen peroxide

The seeds of marijuana can take to germinate, between 2 or 10 days, alone you must have patience and to watch that the conditions of the seed are the suitable ones, see, it is humidified and in a dark place.

– To germinate seeds of cannabis by means of Cubes of Wool of Rock.

Time of germination of seeds of marijuana

Evidently yes, to germinate your seeds of marijuana in summer, is the logical thing especially if you opt for a culture of outside, since the seeds of marijuana need to have a warm climate and a good dose of solar light, to be able to grow strong and vigorous.

They are dehydrated and pressed peat tablets, are left to soak until they become a bag full of substrate. There are different sizes and coconut fiber instead of peat, and its main characteristic is that it retains a large amount of water, so during germination you should not water again.

The best time to germinate marijuana seeds is spring. The temperature is warm but without being exaggerated, avoiding that your plants suffer an excess of light and heat that spoils them. In spite of it, if we have precaution, we can germinate seeds throughout the year.

Once it has made contact with the requisite amount of moisture and proper range of warmth, the seed starts the process of germination. A cascade of chemical reactions results in the rapid growth of the embryo plant, which had been kept in suspended animation.

Sour peach cobbler cannabis seed. Photo and seed by Professor P of Dynasty Genetics.

Methods for germination

Three day old cannabis seedling.

Marijuana germinates best at room temperature, around 72° F in a consistently moist environment. The first visible sign that a seed is germinating is a slight enlargement resulting from water absorption. Then a small opening appears along the seed’s seam as the root emerges. The root continues to elongate, growing downward, as the stem makes its appearance. It stretches out in the opposite direction of the root and uncurls, revealing two embryonic leaves called cotyledons. The seed case is now an empty shell and it may hang from one of the cotyledons until blown or rubbed off. Only a day or so has elapsed between the first sight of the root and the appearance of the cotyledons.

A seed is the distillation of a plant’s essence. It contains the blueprint for life, which it holds in storage until it senses environmental conditions favoring survival of a new plant.

You will need a very sharp knife like a razor blade (make sure it is sterile, use some alcohol on it)

Put the glass in a dark warm area.

Once your old cannabis seeds got there shake on.

Slice Method:

Take your old seed and make a slice along the middle of the seed where you can see the division of both sides of the seed.

Trying to germinate old cannabis seeds can be very difficult.

Wait anywhere from 8-18 hours, tap the seed to see if it sinks. If it does then it has absorbed the water it needs.

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