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fruity weed seeds

Aside from supplying delicious and unique tastes, terpenes also heavily influence the cannabis high. THC underpins the main psychotropic effect of the herb, but different terpenes modulate the experience through the entourage effect [1] . Terpenes such as myrcene synergise with THC to create a relaxing physical effect, whereas limonene works alongside cannabinoids to create more of a stimulating outcome.

Every cannabis strain produces its own unique terpene profile. Both genetic and environmental factors play a role in the quantity and type of terpenes that each plant churns out. Varying terpene profiles explain why some strains offer sweet and sugary tastes, while others are much more fuel-like and earthy.


An introduction into what causes cannabis to taste or smell a certain way with a more in-depth look at how some cannabis strains taste and smell like fruit and a top list of 5 fruit-flavored cannabis strains.

Many cannabis strains send flavours of fruit rolling across the tongue. Not surprisingly, cannabis produces several terpenes also found in popular fruits. Terpenes such as limonene and valencene are found in fruit peels, underpinning the citrusy tastes that many strains carry. Other dominant fruity terpenes include myrcene and pinene. Overall, fruity strains feature a balance of citrus, earthiness, bitterness, and sweetness.

Of all the terpenes, pinene occurs the most frequently throughout nature. The aromatic compound is responsible for the gorgeous scent of pine forests and Thai lime, and also contributes a similar aroma to cannabis strains.

The most dominant aromas tend to be the sweet, citrus, sour and orange. Passion Fruit also has a unique grape flavour which is particularly tasty. If you want a delicious, rich and extremely powerful cannabis variety with genuine fruit-taste overload then you will love Passion Fruit feminised seeds!

In order to grow the best tasting strains you need to consider two key issues; Genetics and environment. You will need to use fruity cannabis strains from a reliable seed company whose genetics can be trusted. You will also need to optimise your environment to bring the best out of the genetics. Below are a few professional tips and advice to anyone looking to grow fruity autoflower strains or fruity feminised strains.

The sativa high is powerful and particularly relaxing. Strawberry Cough is an iconic fruity weed strain with one of the best fruity weed names. If you cough after smoking/vaping some you may notice the special strawberry flavour.

Strawberry Cough : Nothing quite beats the taste of fresh strawberries!

When well dried and cured, Orange Bud has a smell of nectarines and ripe oranges. The feel-good high is happy and uplifting. When enjoyed in a vape you can enjoy a delicious, sweet flavoured experience followed by a profoundly enjoyable few hours of after effects. Orange Bud produces XL quantities of fruity smelling weed, bloom time is 8-9 weeks and she grows in any grow system/grow method. Few fruity weed seeds come with reputations as good as Orange Bud. If you are looking for a proven classic with a great fruity flavor then Orange Bud seeds should be in your seed collection.

Blueberry is usually one of the first varieties which springs to mind when people think of the best tasting strains. Blueberry seeds are a member of Dutch Passion’s Blue Family of cannabis seeds. In addition to the famous Blueberry taste and aroma, Blueberry seeds give a rich sweet taste of dark fruit alongside a famously powerful, long lasting and wonderfully enjoyable high. Fruity weed seeds don’t get much better than Blueberry, which is also available in autoflower seeds (Auto Blueberry) as well as regular seeds.

Original Strawberry Cough seeds have remained popular ever since they were introduced. These high THC feminised sativa seeds are easy to grow. Repeat growers love the sweet taste of fresh strawberries. It’s a unique terpene profile which somehow captures the taste of freshly picked strawberries.

If you like fruity autoflower seeds then Auto Orange Bud needs to be mentioned. Auto Orange Bud seeds grow from seed to harvest in around 75 days. Like all Dutch Passion autoflower seeds they perform well indoors with 20 hours of daily light. They are easy enough for first time growers to feel confident with!

Sativa dominant strains have a reputation for being harder to grow than Indicas, and of taking longer to mature. But if it’s that exotic fruit flavour you crave, the extra effort and time will be well worth it.

Blueberry is another one for your list if you’re a fruit lover and this strain has been a favourite since it took first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 2000. Naturally enough, it has a distinctive blueberry flavour, and as a bonus gives an intense, euphoric stone.

One strain worth trying is Strawberry Cough, a Dutch strain created by master growers by crossbreeding Northern Lights #5, Erdbeer and a Swiss Sativa. This weed has notes of strawberries and exotic spices, and packs a powerful hit.

Many smokers prefer the marijuana strains that have a smooth, sweet, fruity flavour to those that have a ranker, earthy taste that may verge on the acrid. Obviously, it’s all ultimately a matter of personal taste, but if it’s the fruity flavours that float your boat, there is in fact an excellent selection of those strains available at MSNL.The fruit flavours that experienced users detect in different strains include grape, mango, blueberries, strawberries and even strawberries.

On the whole, it’s the strains with a good proportion of Sativa in their genetics that tend to produce recognisably fruity flavours. The Indica dominant types are much more closely associated with hash-like, earthy tones, often with a hint of mustiness.

Lemon Skunk, the multi award winning strain is another real case of “the name says it all”, a rich and sweet Lemon scent comes through quickly settling in to a more sharp citric taste on the exhale.