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found a seed in my weed reddit

Yes and no. Your bud did spend some energy on creating those seeds. That energy could have gone into trichome production. However unless the grower really fucked up and the bud is REALLY REALLY SEEDY you're only losing a few % thc. When you find a few seeds in a nug or in a bag it typically means the grower either had a light leak or one of their plants hermied on them at some point. It's not a big deal. When I find a seed I make sure to break up the rest of that bag by hand so I can remove any additional seeds (always find that first one in my grinder) before I grind em up.

Title. I remember reading somewhere that if you find seeds in your weed then it's not as good because the plant spent energy making the seeds instead of producing trichomes. I've found a seed in my grinder 3 times, is my nug lower quality?

IF the seeds are large and brown/black/striped you can save and grow em, if they're small and white just toss em, they're trash.

I used to get mad when I found seeds in my bud but now it’s so rare that it’s almost like a little present. You get free weed because some flower jizz got on your bud you smoked.

Been saving seeds for years in anticipation of legalization. This year is the year for my state!

Almost a present! When you think of how seeds are created it means that there was a male or hermaphrodite plant in or around the same grow space as the plant the nug came from.

Hope it's a female mate!

Once a female cannabis plant receives fertilization, it promotes seed development instead of flower and calyx development. You can still get good results, but it affects the final product. Essentially a non fertilized plant on average will produce more bud.

Learned this when we got hermes. One herme can pollinate your entire room.

cookies needs love like everything does [6] 😀

Thank you for the advice, this is what i will do.

I just drop them in about and inch of water in complete darkness for 48 hours. has never failed me

Sandwich the seed in between layers of damp paper towels and put them in a Tupperware container. Leave the container somewhere warm and dark and check it in 24 hours. It should have begun to sprout..

Next is to wait patiently for it to grow! Nurture it, with enough water (but not too much) and plenty of light. The rule of thumb for watering is if your soil is dry knuckle deep, then you should water the plant. This would be about every 2-3 days. Feel free to mist the plant with a water bottle once or twice a day as well. Depending on how much care and preparation you put into the plant, is what will decide how much Buds you get.

How small and white? those can be infertile.

Definitely check out r/microgrowery! They can help you out for sure, and it is a great community.