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Something else that has not changed in recent years is the cannabis supply chain in Amsterdam. It may be legal for coffeeshops to sell cannabis, but it remains illegal for the same shops to buy the inventory. We call this the “backdoor problem.” Cannabis is legal leaving the front door, but illegal entering the back.

This coffeeshop is another local favorite. Mr. K & Co. is currently working with Devil’s Harvest and Lady Sativa Genetics for their flower stock. The quality has been pretty outstanding. While it does carry an old-school variety or two (think Thai or White Widow), this shop is really known for contemporary strains (like Gorilla Glue or Kosher Kush). The management tries to stock rare strains when they can, so the inventory isn’t all “same same” when you walk in here. You can always expect to see an unusual item or two on the menu.

1e Hulp

If you’ve been to Barcelona, you might be familiar with The Plug. This is a popular cannabis social club in that city that is well-known for quality product. The owner has apparently long harbored a love for Amsterdam and dreamed of owning a coffeeshop here. Recently, he got the chance by striking a deal to buy the former Utopia Coffeeshop location. Though The Plug in Amsterdam is very new, only coming on the scene in 2018, this shop appears to be making true on its promise to bring top-shelf product to Amsterdam. We’ve been extremely happy with the flower inventory here, which features many high-potency strains, often with contemporary American genetics. If things keep up, The Plug coffeeshop is going to be a strong player in Amsterdam.

People that live in Amsterdam, no doubt, have an advantage over visitors when it comes to sniffing out quality. Locals are less distracted by the flash and eventually find the shops that serve the best quality or value. De Kade screams of this… and is for sure another locals’ favorite shop. At present, it seems to be working with an awesome grower. It has a good mix of strains as well, including some stand-out contemporary varieties.

Because cultivators must do their work in secret, coffeeshops looking to secure inventory with guaranteed quality can face challenges. Some shops work very hard to lock in top growers and cement a reputation for connoisseur product. Others are just lucky to keep any inventory at all. This is why the quality can vary so much from one shop to the next — it is all about who is supplying the cannabis. When you spend as much time in Amsterdam as I have, you gain a perspective on this that few visitors are able to. These are our picks for the coffeeshops with the best cannabis in Amsterdam right now.

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