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feminized hemp seed starts

.3% THC / 10-12% CBD Outdoors. Harvest early October.

We sow our Abacus seed into a soil from Miller Soils called “CDM Pro” that is comprised of the following OMRI listed ingredients: Perlite, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Coconut Coir, Compost, Biochar, Soybean Meal, CalPhos, Dolomite, Endo-Mycorhizzae, and Yucca Extract.

Abacus can be planted to grow row crop or spaced out. Will have strong tap root that is not present with clones / cuttings. A strong tap root ensures even more strength and vigor as the plant matures and has also been said to help increase yield. a “survival advantage” in nature, and gives a huge advantage in growing outdoor crops especially in hot and dry conditions.

For Outdoor Farming

These are roots from our Abacus that was grown from seed, you can see the prominent tap root.

We have created seed starts from our proprietary hemp strain, and have sexed it to ensure there are only females. This is the best of both worlds, as you get a taproot (that would otherwise not be present in a clone / cutting) and since the starts have already been sexed, you don’t have to worry about rouging males.

Vigorous grower, can withstand early planting and spring snow. Grows right through bindweed, and does well in any soil condition, even with little to no soil amending. Late season frost will bring on ample trichromes and a striking deep purple color.

High Grade Hemp Seed has been in business since 2011, and the only hemp seeds we sell are feminized seeds. We’ve achieved a feminization rate of 99.8%, and offer a variety of different hemp strains, including our new Matterhorn CBG strain designed to produce CBG resin for extraction.

If you’re considering planting hemp in the near future, you may have heard about companies that sell feminized hemp seeds. You may have also heard that feminized seeds are more expensive than “regular” seeds. What are feminized seeds, and why do they sell for a higher price? More importantly, are feminized hemp seeds worth the extra cost?

By carefully stressing female plants, usually by interrupting the plant’s light cycle, researchers can prod the plant into producing seeds that copy her own genes. This process virtually guarantees that the seeds will grow into female plants.

Should Farmers Consider Buying Regular Hemp Seeds?

Many hemp seed companies are eager to offer feminized seeds because they can sell those seeds at a higher price.

Researchers have developed several different formulas that incorporate silver and other elements (such as sodium thiosulfate), which can be applied directly to seeds to trigger a gene change, turning female plants into male plants. Sounds strange, right? But when these newly transformed males pollinate female plants, they produce only female seeds.

Not sure where to find the best feminized seeds for hemp?

Make sure the company has been around for at least a few years and has good customer reviews.

High Grade varietals

Cultivating hemp on your farm requires a significant investment of time, money, and resources. You’ll need to make many important decisions when growing hemp, but the most fundamental one is what hemp strain to grow. Once you have chosen your strain, it is important to pick the industrial hemp seed that will best help you reach your goals. You’ll still have to make many more decisions during the growing season, but starting out with the right seed genetics will set you up for a dream harvest.

High Grade offers both seeds and starts for nearly all our hemp flower strains. Whether you choose seeds, starts, or a combination will depend on your preferences, your infrastructure, and your harvesting plan.

CBD Hemp Strains vs. CBG Hemp Strains

Our Matterhorn CBG hemp strain is an absolute game-changer, offering up to 15% CBG extraction. It is an excellent choice for farmers looking to diversify their crop. The Matterhorn has also been bred for a fine terpene profile of citrus, lemon, and lime. The smokable nature of this product offers farmers a dual market for the crop.

Farmers who are new to hemp farming, or who do not have a greenhouse infrastructure to protect new seedlings, should consider investing in starts rather than seeds. Using starts eliminates the need for a nursery and guarantees germination of your crop. Starts also give farmers a few extra weeks for the soil to warm up before planting. Farmers can plant their hemp starts right in the field after two weeks of hardening and start watching their new crop grow.

High Grade has both Matterhorn CBG and several standard-setting CBD strains, so no matter which cannabinoid you decide to focus on, there are excellent options available.

Farmers looking to cultivate hemp plants for CBG may be able to position themselves at the front of this growing trend. However, CBG poses some challenges. While CBD is fairly abundant in common hemp strains—especially in our high CBD industrial hemp seeds—CBG has historically been less abundant. That means farmers have had to grow more hemp plants in order to extract a comparable amount of CBG.