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female seeds uk

Great service having trouble germinating though

Just harvested 1st crop uk grower autoflower Blueberry and Amnesia just curing now northern lights is taking longer but lookin good cant fault anything well Buzzin planted seeds late april 1st harvest and drying finished today so 3 months Happy Days would defo recommend 🙂🙂🙂

Great service having trouble…

Great service, thank you!

Amazing, Bought an amount of the discounted seeds and they've all sprouted and growing well, delivery was quick and very discrett. Deffo using again.

I got the souvenirs delivered fine just keeping them for the right time.but my friends gotten somwe the same she is my best BUD At 7weeks

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Growing and germination info

Cannabis Seeds in the UK and many parts of Europe are sold as souvenirs or to preserve genetics for future uses when laws change. We cannot for this reason offer guarantees on germination and attempts are the sole responsibility of the customer.

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